Shedding Light on Tubular Inverter Batteries: A Path to Reliable Power Backup

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A reliable energy infrastructure is necessary for a country’s economic development. In a country like Nigeria, where frequent and prolonged power outages are a common problem, most sectors of the economy are crippled. According to estimations, only 40 % of people in Nigeria are connected to the national grid and are frequently subjected to power disruptions. According to reports, in 2020, around 35.7 thousand gigawatt hours of electricity were generated, while the electricity demand exceeded 29 terawatt hours in the same year.

In such a scenario, having a power storage solution is the only path for reliable power backup. One such solution that has gained popularity in Nigeria is tubular inverter batteries. This blog will shed light on the world of tubular inverter batteries and explore the path to a reliable power backup system.(source) 

Tubular inverter batteries: A path to reliable power backup

Inverter batteries are long-lasting power backup systems providing an electric supply at the time of power outages. The inverter battery releases its stored energy as direct current (DC), which is incompatible with the alternating current (AC) delivered by the main supply. The inverter converts the direct current to the alternating current and runs various electrical devices. 

A Tubular inverter battery is one of the most efficient inverter batteries, suitable for frequent and prolonged power outages. It is a specially designed deep-cycle lead-acid battery consisting of two electrodes, one is made up of lead (Pb), and the other is a lead oxide(PbO2) with the electrolyte Sulphuric acid. The innovative design and advanced materials used in these inverter batteries enhance their performance, durability, and power efficiency, making them a reliable power backup solution for you. 

Superior energy efficiency

Tubular inverter batteries are known for their superior energy efficiency. These batteries have a high energy density, allowing them to store a substantial amount of electrical energy. The tubular inverter batteries have 20% more electrical capacity than any other type of battery. The tubular design, increased surface, and advanced materials of tubular inverter batteries enable faster and more efficient energy conversion. Star Plus tall tubular inverter battery has a 220 ampere-hours (Ah) rating, enabling it to store more energy and provide a longer power backup.

High charge acceptance

The tubular inverter batteries offer a high charge acceptance to combat the frequent power fluctuations and voltage variations of Nigeria. It can quickly absorb charge from the grid or alternative power sources, such as solar panels or generators. Because of its high charge acceptance, you can maximise their utilisation and reduce downtime between power outages.

Low self-discharge rate

Self-discharge refers to the loss of energy even while not in use. Tubular inverter batteries possess a very low self-discharge rate ensuring that the stored energy remains active for longer durations. Star Plus tubular inverter batteries lose only 12% to 15% of their charge a month when not in use. The lower discharge rate enables the battery to store the maximum amount of energy so that it can be used during the time of emergencies. 

Deep discharging capability

Another significant feature of a tubular inverter battery is its deep discharging capability. The tubular positive plates of lead oxide(PbO2) are designed to withstand repeated deep discharge cycles, ensuring that the battery’s capacity and performance remain intact over time. In Nigeria, where people mostly rely on their power backup system and often experience prolonged power outages, the deep discharging capability of tubular batteries makes them a smart choice for Nigerians.

Extended lifespan

Tubular positive plates of tubular inverter batteries have a significantly thicker and stronger structure than flat plates, making them more resistant to corrosion and physical damage. As a result, tubular batteries can withstand the harsh Nigerian climate and offer a long lifespan, ensuring that your power backup system will serve you reliably for years to come. The average lifespan of a Star Plus tubular inverter battery is 7-8 years. With an extended lifespan, battery replacement frequency becomes less, resulting in cost savings and a lighter environmental impact.

Lower maintenance rate

The maintenance rate of tubular inverter batteries is very lower than others, making them the perfect inverter battery for your home. The strong construction and cutting-edge technology of these batteries result in lower water loss rates and reduced acid stratification. So unlike other inverter batteries, you do not need to top up your inverter battery with distilled water very often. The tubular batteries are sealed, which reduces the chance of damage, lowering the need for replacements and repairs. Because of these reasons, tubular inverter batteries are the perfect battery for inverters.

Adaptability to a harsh environment

Tubular batteries possess superior adaptability to harsh environments. The weather in Nigeria is harsh, with extreme temperatures and humidity. The strong construction of tubular inverter batteries enables them to resist such extreme temperatures. The heat resistance property of tubular inverter batteries prevents premature battery failure due to extreme temperatures. Moreover, their rugged construction ensures they can operate effectively even in dusty or corrosive environments.

Environment sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a huge concern today; the Star Plus, tubular inverter batteries, are made of lead acid, a recyclable material that minimises environmental impact. These batteries have a longer lifespan than any other battery. This translates to reducing the need for raw materials and preventing the release of harmful substances into the ecosystem. Responsible disposal and recycling of tubular batteries contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment, making them an eco-friendly choice for energy storage. Consider these factors while selecting an inverter battery backup

Compatibility with Renewable Energy Systems:

Tubular inverter batteries offer a great way to store energy produced by renewable energy sources in Nigeria. The usage of solar energy is increasing rapidly, and these batteries can effectively store the energy generated by solar panels and have high charge acceptance rates. You can benefit from clean and sustainable backup power by integrating tubular batteries with solar power systems, reducing their reliance on the grid and lowering their carbon footprint. Consider these factors while selecting a tubular battery in inverter.

Wrapping up

Tubular inverter batteries are one of the most reliable power backup solutions in Nigeria. It can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial aspects as well. Star Plus is a leading inverter battery manufacturer in Nigeria. Our tubular inverter batteries are known for their superior performance and extended lifespan, making them an ideal choice for areas with unreliable power supplies. You can choose any of our tubular inverter batteries according to your requirements as a reliable power backup system for you.