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Tall Tubular Batteries

Starplus Batteries is the top and best tubular inverter battery manufacturer company in Nigeria. We are the best battery suppliers in Nigeria.

The Starplus Research and Development team is always researching how to make inverter batteries better and more reliable.

This can be made possible by manufacturing batteries that have consistent top-notch performance. Our inverter battery needs less maintenance and fits in a small space.

About Starplus Tubular Inverter Batteries: Applications, Warranty

Starplus offers a long-lasting inverter tubular battery. Our tubular inverter batteries come in different capacities ranging from 130AH to 240AH.

These inverter batteries not only last long but are incredibly powerful too. Warranty period is 24 months

Starplus 12v 220ah tubular batteries are specially designed to be used with home and industrial inverters where traditionally flooded tubular batteries are typically used.

Most inverters have chargers with high-ripple content that cause the shedding of active materials in the battery plate.

As a result, tubular batteries are preferred over flat plate maintenance-free batteries. Leader tubular Inverter industrial battery is specially designed to encapsulate the plates with gel electrolyte to prevent shedding.

Starplus Tubular Inverter Batteries: Special Features and Qualities

All the inverter batteries in the market may typically work the same but what makes Starplus Inverter batteries exceptional is its cutting-edge technology, high-quality raw material, and in-house battery manufacturing plant.

To meet the energy and quality requirements of our customers, our manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment.

This equipment is imported from various countries around the world, all because we want to produce batteries that can power high-end devices regularly while also having a prolonged lifespan.

It’s not a surprising thing to hear that Nigeria’s electricity grid is unreliable. As a result, our customers (new and existing) need an inverter battery that can serve as a rouged high drain standby source of power.

The demand for stationary batteries, e.g., mpower tubular battery and 12v 220ah tubular battery, is sustainably higher, and these are used in applications such as standby applications, home systems, telecommunication networks, power plants, refrigerators, restaurants and lots more.

The grid of the Starplus inverter batteries is cast with innovative alloys. It also has very thick and modified plates. This also comes with a reason as well, as it ensures long life and greater reliability. A special low vaporous curing process further enhances the superior quality of the battery.

Together, the superior design characteristics give better backup for with-standing frequent and long power cuts.

Model No. Box Type Ah Capacity Length Width Height Total Warranty
SP22000 XB IT500 220 505 190 410 24 MONTHS

Tubular Inverter Battery

A tubular inverter battery is a lead-acid battery as well. However, it is much bigger when compared to a flat plate inverter battery.

Tubular batteries are the best type of inverter batteries in Nigeria. This is indisputable, as they can be used in areas that have frequent power cuts. Tubular inverter batteries are also the best for applications that require high power.

A tubular inverter battery is made to last very long. It has a longer duration of service when compared to a flat plate and gel batteries.

They are also more durable and give the longest warranty period to customers. Tubular inverter batteries are designed in different dimensions. However, you should make your selection based on the available space you have in your house, workshop or industry.

Tubular inverter batteries can be further grouped into Short tubular batteries (ST and TJ) and Tall tubular batteries (TT).


Short Tubular Inverter Battery

A short tubular inverter battery has a small height. You can say it’s a little bit shorter than normal. However, it is wider, so as to make up for the short height.

You should go for the short type if the available space you have is not much. Plus, a short tubular inverter battery is easier to move around.


Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

The 220ah tubular battery dimension is completely different. A tall tubular inverter battery has a tall and long height. You can say it’s a little bit taller than normal. The very tall height is compensated for by its smaller width.

In summary, a tall tubular battery is the opposite of a short tubular battery (in terms of design and physical appearance).

A tall tubular inverter battery will need more space as a result of its long height. However, you should buy it if you have the space. The reason for this I’d due to their tallness, which results in a longer power backup time.

Which Battery is Best for an Inverter


Choose Tubular Battery NOT Flat Plate battery (VRLA)

Tubular inverter battery is the best in Nigeria so far. Some might say it requires a Distilled water refill at intervals, but it’s still worth it.

A tubular inverter battery can support devices with high power requirements. They are also stronger and more durable. Most importantly, they have the longest average lifespan of 7 to 8 years.

What Is the Advantage of Tubular Inverter Battery?

There are many advantages to buying a tubular inverter battery in Nigeria. Here are some of them.

  1. A tubular battery can recharge and discharge at a fairly high temperature
  2. They can endure continuous shedding of materials for a long period
  3. Tubular batteries can be used with devices and equipment that have high power requirements
  4. Even though tubular batteries are not maintenance-free, they are still more comfortable to use
  5. Tubular Batteries can be charged with high voltages, unlike gel batteries
  6. They are also a good option for areas where the grid power duration is small
  7. And to cap it all, tubular batteries have the longest life duration. They can last up to 8 years


The Best Tubular Inverter Battery Company in Nigeria – Starplus Tubular Inverter Batteries

MMNL is the best battery manufacturing company in Nigeria. We operate under the brand name “STAR PLUS”. We are ISO9001: 2015 certified company, and our factory is based in Gbara Village, Ogun State.

Metal Manufacturing Nigeria Limited set off it’s journey with led production back in 2010. After a Decade, MMNL has ventured into production of Star Plus Tubular Battery. Star Plus is a Truly Designed & Made in Nigeria Product providing thousands of employment opportunities (direct & indirect); thereby contributing to the nation’s economy.

While operating under the name “Starplus”, we have manufactured many types of batteries which will all suit your energy requirements.

Starplus batteries are eco-friendly and are capable of being completely recycled, thereby minimizing wastage, and living up to their responsibility towards the environment.

We use the quality material with advanced technology to give the best to all our customers. Contact us now to get a long-lasting tubular inverter battery that will give you peace of mind.

Reason to Choose Tubular Battery

Duty on tall tubular battery in Nigeria

A tall tubular battery is larger in peak than a quick tubular battery and a flat plate battery, though lesser in width. A tall tubular battery offers a constant backup system than other lead-acid batteries. The batteries are ideal for installation in houses where storage space is not a constraint. The tall tubular batteries feature vent plugs with water level indicators and with 3-4 years warranty, require ultra-low maintenance due to low antimony, and serve very efficient hybrid applications. The heavy duty tall tubular batteries in Nigeria have an ultra-low rate self-discharge system and designed cycle life C10 discharge. Heavy duty tall tubular batteries can deliver high currents and have a longer lifespan than other types of batteries. These are also more durable and can withstand high temperatures and frequent deep discharges without losing capacity or performance. When selecting a heavy duty tall tubular battery, it is essential to consider factors like the battery’s capacity, voltage, and discharge rate.

Heavy duty tall tubular Battery

A tall tubular battery is a heavy duty, deep-cycle battery designed to provide reliable, long-lasting power backup for heavy home or office applications. These batteries provide backup power to large data centers, telecommunication systems, hospitals, and other industrial applications. The tall tubular batteries feature high capacity, durability, and deep-cycle capabilities. The batteries consist of thicker plates and heavier materials than standard batteries, which allows them to withstand heavy loads and frequent deep discharges without degrading their performance. If you need a heavy duty tall tubular battery, it is crucial to select a battery that is suitable for your specific application. We ensure you get the best performance and longevity from your battery and avoid premature failure or damage. It is wise to consult a professional or a reputable battery supplier to help you choose the right battery for your needs.

Long lasting tubular battery

A long lasting tubular battery is a lead-acid battery designed to have a longer lifespan than regular lead-acid batteries. These batteries are commonly in use in applications where it requires a reliable and long-lasting power source, e.g., backup power systems, solar power systems, and inverter systems. These batteries consist of a series of tubes or plates made of lead oxide and lead alloy. The tubes contain an electrolyte solution, which is typically a mixture of sulfuric acid and distilled water. The design helps reduce the rate of corrosion and damage to the battery plates, which in turn helps to extend the battery’s lifespan. It is essential to maintain the battery properly by keeping it charged at all times, avoiding overcharging or undercharging, and checking the electrolyte levels regularly to ensure maximum lifespan. In addition, using a good quality charger and following the manufacturer’s instructions for charging and maintenance ensures a prolonged lifespan of the battery.

Strong built tubular battery

The strong built tubular battery is a lead-acid battery that withstands high temperatures, deep discharges, and harsh environmental conditions. The battery derives its name from the design of the positive plates, made up of a series of tubular structures containing a special paste. The battery type is commonly in use in applications where there is a need for long backup power, such as inverter systems for homes and businesses, telecommunications equipment, and data centers. The batteries supply power backup to off-grid solar systems and electric vehicles. The tubular design of the positive plates in a strongly built tubular battery comes with several advantages over other types of lead-acid batteries. The tubular structures increase the surface area of the positive plates, allowing a greater amount of active material. The features result in a longer lifespan and higher capacity compared to other batteries. In addition, the tubular design provides more excellent resistance to corrosion and a higher tolerance to deep discharges.

Low maintenance tubular battery

A tubular battery is a lead-acid battery designed to have a long life and provides robust performance. Low-maintenance tubular batteries require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and efficiency. The battery requires minimal care to provide excellent services over an extended period. The tubular design of the battery’s electrodes allows for a greater surface area and higher energy density, resulting in higher durability and a longer lifespan. These batteries can withstand deep discharge cycles and are ideal for applications that require consistent power output, such as inverter systems, solar power backup, and telecommunications equipment. The low maintenance aspect of these batteries is due to their design, which minimizes water loss and reduces the need for frequent electrolyte top-ups. A low maintenance tubular battery is ideal for those looking for a well-ground, long-running power source with minimal upkeep requirements.

High life tubular battery

High life tubular batteries feature a tubular positive plate design, providing enhanced performance and higher durability than other lead-acid batteries. The positive plate consists of multiple thin tubes, which come in a tight wrap of a plastic or rubber material. The design strengthens the surface area of the positive plate, which improves the battery’s capacity, energy density, and cycle life. High life tubular batteries are in wide use in applications that require a credible and enduring power source, such as backup power systems, solar power systems, and inverter systems for homes and offices. They are popular for their ability to withstand deep discharge cycles, high temperatures, and rough handling. The batteries require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity, such as topping up with distilled water and periodic equalization charging. If you maintain the batteries properly, high life tubular batteries can last for many years, making them an ideal choice for off-grid and remote power applications.

High backup tubular battery

A high backup tubular battery is rechargeable and is widely in use for various applications, including backup power for homes, offices, and industries. The tubular design of the battery features specific engineering technology to provide a longer lifespan and better performance than other batteries. It consists of a series of lead-acid cells, each containing a positive and negative electrode, filled with an electrolyte solution. The design of the electrodes resembles a tubular shape and contains a special alloy that can withstand frequent charging and discharging cycles without getting damaged. The tubular structure of the battery expands its surface area, resulting in better charging and discharging rates and improved energy efficiency. A high backup tubular battery features exceptional durability, reliability, and long service life, making it a perfect choice for backup power applications. It is maintenance-free, implying it requires minimal upkeep, and has a low self-discharge rate, ensuring that it will hold a charge for an extended period. In short, a high backup tubular battery is an excellent investment for anyone in need of reliable backup power.




  • Advanced spines – for better performance on heavy loads and better current flow
  • Thicker spines – thicker spines aid in maintaining structural design and more stable resistance against corrosion failure.
  • Thicker tubular plates – enhancing performance, giving 1200 cycles @80% depth of discharge
  • Thicker tubular plates – aimed at making the performance better. Gives 1200 cycles @80% depth of discharge (one cycle is one full charge followed by one full discharge

Comparision between Starplus Tall tubular battery Vs AGM VRLA (SMF) BATTERY

Plate Technology Tall Tubular Plate Flat Plasted Plate
Life W.R.T. Application Excellent perfomance on cyclic application Not good for deep cycle application
Application Power Backup Solution - Solar/Inverter/UPS Power Back up - Inverter/UPS
Suitable for Float Application above 1 Hour discharge rate Good for float & stand by application
Electrolyte Free Flow Electrolyte Electrolyte in-between AGM
Water Loss Low Negligable
Water Top up Low water top up No water top up throughout Warranty life
Life Extension Long life with regular top up Dry Battery
Self Discharge Low <3.0% Very Low <2.0%
Life Cycle w.r.t DoD @27° C 80% DoD 1200 Cycle 450 Cycle
Spillage Low Spill-proof Spill-proof
Fumes Low Fumes No
Recovery in PSOC Excellent Low
Charger Settings Generic set points for chargers Required special set point for chargers
Operating Temperature Range -25° C to +55° C -15° C to +40° C
Terminal Type L-Type Terminal Stud Type Terminal


Product Nodel Number SP 220000 XB
Brand Name STAR PLUS
Capacity @ C20 @ 20Hr-Rate to 1.75V Per cell @27°C 220AH
Voltage Per Unit 12 12
Battery Dimensions (in mm) L * W * H 505 * 190 * 410 (in mm)
Net Weight (+/- 1Kg) 66.0 Kg
Gross Weight (+/- 1.5Kg) 67.5 Kg
Battery Life Cycle 1200+
Final Gravity 0.005 1.255
Operating Temperature Range Discharge 5°C-50°C, Charge 5°C-50°C,Storage 5°C-50°C
Normal Operating Temperature Range 27 + 2°C
Float Charging Voltage 13.6 VDC to 13.8 VDC / Unit Average at 27°C
Recommended Naximum Charging Current 10% of Battery Rated Capacity
Equalization and Cycle Service 14.6 VDC to 14.8 VDC / Unit Average at 27°C
Self-Discharge STARPLUS Lead Acid Batteries can be stored for 3 months at 27°C. Self-Discharge ratio less than 1% per month at 27°C. Please charge battery before using.
Terminal Positive & Negative Terminal (Lead Alloy)
Container Material PPCP


Additional fluidic head space – the headspace above the battery plates increases the wearing intervals and lessens the requirement of frequent topping up.


Electrolyte level indicator – specially designed indicator depicts the level of electrolyte in each cell, making for very easy maintenance.


Low footprint – unique design of battery container, with a smaller base that occupies less space, thus the floor space required is less


salient FEATURES

  • UltraLow maintenance and less topping-up
  • PESeparator – Low electrical resistance, minimal self discharging & high porosity
  • CellPartition welded with short electrical path for low internal resistance
  • 99.9%Pure Lead
  • Full Capacity/ True AH Output •100% Factory charged battery • Low self discharge
  • Heavy duty terminal •Ceramic Water level
  • Excellentpartial state of Charge (PSOC) Performance
  • High Efficiency grid design mode of selenium / Low antimony alloy with grain refiners for low water loss, least corrosion long life management system with micro porouswent plugs for least environmental pollution
  • Rugged anti-corrosive addictive for longer battery life
  • computerized formation for uniform quality and peak performance
  • container made of PP Co-polymer for strength & robustness
  • More ribs on containers for better strength •Batteries are designed to operate in partial charged conditions even in the non sunny days


Improper selection of the Product
  • Calculation of the load
  • Type of load-high-starting current/etc
  • Proper rating of the gen / alt supply to charge the batteries.
  • Improper configuration of the batteries/strings.
  • No proper consideration of efficiency/ DOD/charging and discharging current etc
Ambient Conditions
  • Temp
  • Ventilation
  • Dust etc
Improper BOP ( Cables, Isolators etc)
  • Proper sizing of cables
  • Insulation Voltage for the cables
  • Copper or Aluminium
  • Type, single core/multicore/flexible/no of strands/etc/etc
  • Proper routing of cables


Effective fume arrestor – prevents any flame or spark from entering the battery, ensuring complete safety and reducing the risk of explosions. It also works in reducing the escaping of gases into the atmosphere.

Battery Cell Fully Topped – Topping of electrolyte in cell required in future

Topping of electrolyte in cell required in immediately


High cycle count – the plates are made from HADI machine at 150 bar pressure, making them super strong and thus preventing the battery going into deep discharge


Higher number of ribs – keeps the acid channel open for faster and better electrochemical reactions