Metal Manufacturing Nigeria Ltd. (MMNL)


Metal Manufacturing Nigeria Ltd. (MMNL) was established in November 2010 with a vision to establish a fully integrated manufacturing facility for Battery & Led Oxide. The company started with the recycling of battery scrap to pure lead and lead alloys. Pure lead and lead alloys are exported to various parts of the world and generate forex earnings for Nigeria. The company integrated vertically to use Pure Lead to produce 1st Indigenous Battery with the Brand name StarPlus. The company has an existing state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Ikorodu Sagamu Road, Vill: Gbara, Sagamu LGA, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The group is extremely versatile and maintains stringent ethical standards. Our product quality meets the international specifications optimum for the production of Pure Lead, Lead Alloys, and Battery. The company, directly and indirectly, employs over one thousand people.


No.1 Indigenous Battery and Paper Manufacturer


  1. World-class Lead ore processing facility
  2. World-class recycling facility for Scrap battery
  3. World-class recycling facility for used paper
  4. World-class battery Production facility
  5. World-class paper Production facility
MMNL has always been a value-driven organization. These values, which we cherish and are very dear to us, continue to direct our business and growth.


The company’s main objective is to effectively contribute to the Development of New Nigeria, by investing in the manufacture of Indigenous Products thereby reducing dependence on Imports, growing exports to contribute to Forex earnings, encouraging local talent for Innovation, and providing a reliable and quality product at a competitive price to our clients.


In our efforts to provide our client company with the desired services, we ensure to upgrade ourselves with the respective industry trends & developments. Further, we come to common parlance with our clients regarding their requirements & our services. After the whole process of consultation & implementation is planned & decided by both parties, we seamlessly integrate ourselves with the client company’s existing teams. We ensure that our client considers our team of technicians & professionals as an extension of their staff dedicated to the creation, implementation, and maintenance of the companies’ quality product. Our quality management programmers are designed to minimize any disruption in the day-to-day operations of the client company. We hold extensive knowledge of producing all kinds of lead-based products and are a regular supplier to many renowned companies worldwide.

We are currently producing various types of lead products viz Remelted Lead Ingots: This is a primary product made from scrap or condemn batteries. We use all kinds of used batteries like solar, storage & machine. The purity of Lead in this material is between 98.5% to 99.5% based on the raw material feed. Refined Lead Ingots or Pure Lead Ingots: This product is produced from the raw lead or Remelted leads through the pyrometallurgical process to remove the remaining non-lead components of the mixture in the specially designed refining kettle. The purity of this material is between 99.985% to 99.99%. Antimony Alloys: This product is being produced from the Remelted lead by adding the Required components and removing the non-lead components as per the customer’s specification based on the final product. Calcium Alloys: This product is produced by using refined lead and added with the calcium metals and other required components as the specification of the finished product. Selenium Alloys: This product is produced by using refined lead and added with the selenium and other required components as the specification of the finished product.


We as a responsible business house always committed to the protection and conservation of the environment and rank environmental consideration equally with commercial and operational factors in managing its operation. To implement the Health, Safety & Environmental Policy we promote procedures and practices which enhance environmental protection, considering current legislation and industry codes of practice. We also establish emergency plans, consisting of current legislation and good practices to improve environmental performance.


The company is a part of India’s renowned conglomerate Bajoria Group of Companies. The group is involved in various business activities such as manufacturing TMT Bars, Bio Diesel & also in the real estate sector in India. The group also has a presence in various parts of the world i.e., Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo. Below is the profile of our core executive management.

  • Vikas Kumar Bajoria (Managing Director)

Mr. Vikas Kumar Bajoria has done his BTech from R V College of Engineering, Bangalore, India. An Industrial Engineer by profession, his current role will be to look after the entire business operations and personally looks after the production and technical aspects. His professionalism and hard work have won him accolades in the industry and among his peers in a very short period. He looks after the purchase, shipment, processing, and sales of the products. He is a true professional and highly sincere in his work. His active roles in the day-to-day business activities provide strategic vision and tactical leadership. He is involved in the development of strategic direction, identifying promising technologies and lines of business. His passion for the business is only exceeded by his commitment to the staff of the company.

  • Alok Kumar Bajoria (Director)

Mr. Alok Kumar Bajoria is a commerce graduate. He is into the manufacturing business since 2000. He has handled many projects on his own in India and various other countries. Mr. Alok Kumar Bajoria has vast experience in Metallurgy as well as production techniques. His commercial skills and marketing knowledge make him one of the best in the field. The combination of techno-commercial skills makes him the best-suited person to handle the operations. He also has the required global exposure of all the Asian and European markets as well as vast experience in the field of Import-export which is necessary for the project to establish its products in the global market. His business acumen and charismatic personality are commendable and highly regarded in the industry. His quick decision-making and vision for the company is the key to bringing the company to an esteemed position.

  • Amit Kumar Saraf (Executive Director)

The Executive director and the country head of the company have experience managing industrial business for over 15 years. Graduated in commerce, and his business acumen and charismatic personality are commendable and regarded in the industry. His quick decision-making and vision for the company have been the key to bringing the company where it stands now. The group has consolidated its position with a better bottom line and a more focused and market-oriented business approach.