Best Tubular Inverter Battery for Long-lasting Power Backup

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Nigeria faces a magnum of power issues. The grid power is unreliable, and almost everyone has to rely heavily on power backup solutions such as an inverter. As an immediate effect of this situation, many manufacturers have started manufacturing inverters and inverter batteries to ease the life of individuals.

However, as days pass, the number of inverter and battery manufacturers has increased a lot, and it has become extremely tricky, if not difficult, to choose a single brand of inverter battery from all of them.

You must consider all the features, build, and types of inverter batteries to be sure that you are buying the best one. Among all the available types of batteries, a tubular inverter battery is your best choice for several reasons.

What is a Tubular Battery?

A tubular battery is a lead acid battery that follows the same principle as a flat plate battery. The battery gets its name from its positive tubular electrode. In a flat plate battery, both electrodes are flat, whereas in a tubular inverter battery, the positive plate is tubular.

This slight difference in construction amounts to significant differences in functional efficiency. A tubular battery lasts longer, has minimum current wastage, and its maintenance is medium.

Common Elements of a Tubular Inverter Battery

The right quality parts are essential for the manufacturing of inverter batteries. Let’s delve into the different components that make up this battery.

The electrolyte is a crucial element in a lead-acid battery, as it is a mixture of sulfuric acid and water that plays a vital role in power generation. The electrolyte solution reacts with the lead plates and tubes to generate power, so check the electrolyte levels regularly and refill them with distilled water if necessary. However, maintenance-free electrolyte batteries are also available, which don’t require refilling with distilled water.

Lead plates are another critical component in a lead-acid battery as they facilitate the flow of power within the electrolyte. There are different construction types of lead plates, and they’re designed to increase the surface area without taking up more space.

The tubular lead-acid battery is named after its construction, which consists of fiberglass tubes filled with lead oxide and red lead powder, sealed using a plastic fitting. These tubes, along with the chemicals, are submerged in diluted acid, and a chemical reaction occurs, producing lead oxide and lead sulfate.

In addition, tubular batteries use separators that are vital for separating the positive and negative lead plates, preventing short-circuiting. The separators used in lead-acid batteries are generally resistant to oxidation, and it’s important to ensure that they’re compatible with the electrolyte solution you’re using. So, it’s crucial to pay attention to the quality of each component to ensure that the lead-acid batteries are manufactured with the right parts.

Discover the Advantages of Using a Tubular Inverter Battery

A top pick among inverter battery types, the tubular battery boasts multiple benefits that set it apart from its counterparts. With its exceptional durability and minimal maintenance requirements, this battery is an excellent investment.

Unrivaled Longevity

Tubular batteries are built with specialized polyester tubes that prevent corrosion and shedding of the plate inside. As a result, they offer exceptional longevity that will save homeowners money over time.

Extreme Temperature Resistance

Thanks to their design, tubular batteries can function in extreme temperatures without experiencing any adverse effects. The tubes sit atop the plates, allowing the battery to maintain its performance and longevity, even in extended power outages.

Low Maintenance

Compared to flat plate batteries, tubular batteries require minimal maintenance. They are highly stable, which means that homeowners won’t have to check electrolyte levels frequently, and they require little water, so filling them up isn’t necessary very often.

Heavy Duty Capability

For households that require an uninterrupted power supply, tubular batteries are an ideal choice. These batteries can efficiently handle high-cyclic equipment, making them a great fit for heavy-duty power applications.

HADI Casting

Tubular batteries utilize HADI casting, a specialized high-pressure casting method that makes them even more durable and long-lasting. These batteries can withstand extensive use without losing their quality, ensuring that they will serve homeowners well for years to come.

Best Tubular Battery

As mentioned, there are many inverter battery brands to choose from in Nigeria. But how to find out which one would be the right fit? For that, you have to keep in mind that the power situation in Nigeria is unstable, demanding high-capacity batteries requiring low maintenance, high endurance, and high power backup.

Hence, choose a battery that provides all three and gives you peace of mind. Among all the inverter battery types, Star Plus tubular battery is one name you can count on. Being tubular batteries, they require low maintenance, and being of high capacity, they provide power to all your electrical appliances that you need to run in case of power outages.

Star Plus Batteries are manufactured in Nigeria using high-quality raw materials, keeping in mind the needs of Nigerian households and commercial spaces that require sturdy and strong batteries that can withstand rough usage.

The 220Ah tubular battery from Star Plus is a great choice for Nigerian households as it provides the power you need in times you need it the most.


A long-lasting power backup is something every Nigerian household needs. And when it comes to providing reliable power to light up your appliances, no one does it better than Star Plus Battery.

Tubular batteries are low in maintenance, heavy-duty, and last long. Apart from these, Star Plus tubular batteries come with robust design and extreme temperature resistance specifically built to provide power to Nigerian households.