Revolutionising Energy Storage Sector: How Tubular Inverter Batteries Are Changing the Game

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In today’s fast-pacing world, frequent power outages can hamper your daily life and the development of your country as well. Imagine you are studying for your upcoming examination, and sudden darkness completely engulfs your room as a power cut strikes. How does it feel? Frustrating, isn’t it? This is where tubular inverter batteries come to change the whole game. 

Let’s dive deep into the world of tubular inverter batteries and see how it is changing the game by revolutionising energy storage systems.

Tubular Inverter Batteries: The Game Changer

A tubular inverter battery is a specially designed lead acid battery consisting of a unique tubular positive plate, a flat negative plate, and the sulfuric acid electrolyte. The tubular positive plate is made up of high-grade alloy, lead-oxide (PbO2), and the flat negative plate is made up of glass fibre. The usage of high-quality raw materials and unique design allows it to store and release more energy, maximising power efficiency.

The tubular inverter batteries can be charged in high voltage power and used in residential, commercial, and industrial use as well.

How Does It Revolutionise the Energy Storage System

The tubular inverter batteries possess high charge and discharge capability, improved cycle life, low self-discharge capacity, and longer service life. Because of the high energy density and a unique tubular design, tubular inverter batteries can store and release more energy quickly. From small electronic devices to large industrial machinery, it can power up everything efficiently. Unlike the traditional flat plate batteries, these batteries are designed to be low maintenance and don’t require frequent water top-ups as well. Apart from high-end performance, these inverter batteries also have a longer service life and come up with a very pocket-friendly price range, revolutionising the whole energy storage system. 

Have higher energy efficiency

The Tubular inverter battery possesses high energy density and a unique tubular design, enabling it to store and release more energy quickly. These batteries have higher charge and discharge capabilities than traditional batteries. The tubular positive plate provides an increased surface area to transfer the energy rapidly, minimising energy losses during charging and discharging cycles. Star Plus tubular inverter batteries have 20% more electrical capacity than other batteries. 

Known for its deep-cycling rates

A tubular inverter battery is specifically designed to withstand deep discharges without significant damage. Because of the deep-cycling rates, during prolonged power outages, these batteries can easily provide sustained long-lasting power backup. But If you only discharge your tubular battery for inverter to 50% to 40% before recharging them, you will extend its lifespan significantly.

Possess a Low self-discharge rate

Self-discharge refers to the gradual loss of stored energy in a battery over time, even when it is not in use. The tubular design and specialised materials used in these batteries contribute to excel in this aspect, as they have a remarkably low self-discharge rate. The construction of tubular positive plates, advanced separators, and electrolyte composition minimises tubular inverter battery internal chemical reactions that lead to energy loss. Star Plus tubular inverter batteries lose 12% to 15% of their charge a month on average. 

Have prolonged service life

Unlike traditional batteries, tubular inverter batteries have a prolonged service life. The usage of high-quality raw materials and unique construction enhance the longevity and durability of tubular inverter batteries. Star Plus tubular inverter batteries have an average service life of 7 to 8 years. This extended lifespan ensures that tubular batteries require less frequent replacements, resulting in cost savings over the long run. 

Designed as Low maintenance battery

Tubular inverter batteries are low-maintenance batteries with lower water loss rates and reduced acid stratification. Unlike conventional batteries requiring regular water top-ups, tubular batteries are sealed, eliminating frequent maintenance. Made up of high-grade alloy, these batteries are corrosion resistant and don’t require frequent requirements and replacements at all. 

Consist of advanced safety features 

When it comes to energy storage technologies, safety comes first. To guard against potential risks, a tubular inverter battery comes with advanced safety features. They incorporate features such as short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, and thermal management systems to ensure safe and reliable operation.

High heat-resistant capacity

Tubular inverter batteries are known for their high heat-resistant capacity. The weather in Nigeria can be extreme, with high humidity and temperatures. Tubular inverter batteries can withstand such conditions, making them ideal for the Nigerian climate. They have excellent heat resistance, preventing premature battery failure due to extreme temperatures. Additionally, because of their tough design, they can function well even in corrosive or dusty environments.

Recyclable and eco-friendly option

One of the important considerations while buying an inverter battery is sustainability. Tubular inverter batteries are made of lead acid, which is a recyclable material. Recycling lead-acid batteries helps minimise environmental impact by reducing the need for raw materials and preventing the release of harmful substances into the ecosystem. These batteries also deposit minimum fumes, minimising air pollution. Tubular batteries are an eco-friendly option for energy storage since they help create a cleaner, healthier environment through proper disposal and recycling.

Star Plus Tubular Inverter Batteries: Your Ultimate Solution 

Star Plus is one of the leading manufacturers of tubular batteries in Nigeria revolutionising Energy Storage systems. Our batteries are known for their high-end performance and budget-friendly pricing. The Star Plus tubular batteries have 20% more electrical capacity than other batteries. If you are looking for an inverter battery with a low self-discharge rate, Star Plus batteries will be perfect for you as, on average, our tubular inverter battery loses only 12% to 15% of its charge in a month while not in use. These batteries last long as the average service lifespan of a tubular battery is 7 to 8 years. Apart from that, our batteries come with a 24 months warranty period as well. Because of these reasons, if you are looking for a reliable inverter power backup system, Star Plus tubular inverter batteries will be the ultimate solution for you.