Lighting the Way: How Tubular Inverter Batteries Are Illuminating Nigeria’s Future

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Nigeria is the sixth most populous country in the world, with a population of over 230 million. In recent days the country has witnessed significant growth in economic activities also. However, the unreliable power supply still disrupts their daily life and industrial activities simultaneously. The poor infrastructure, limited investments in the energy sector, and poor maintenance of existing power systems result in substantial economic and social costs.

According to reports, from 2010 to the first half of 2022, the country’s power grid suffered at least 222 partial and total collapses.

In such a scenario, most people rely on backup power systems to keep their homes and businesses running, and tubular inverter batteries have become an essential component in lighting their way.

In this blog, We will delve into the world of tubular inverter batteries, exploring how they are lighting the way for illuminating Nigeria’s Future. (source) 

How are Tubular Inverter Batteries Lighting the Way towards a Brighter Future?

A tubular inverter battery is a specially designed deep cycling battery with higher energy density, improved performance, and long-lasting power backup. It is a lead-acid battery consisting of a unique tubular positive plate, a flat negative plate, and water-sulfuric acid electrolytes. The unique design helps to store and transfer energy more efficiently. Because of their high charge and discharge capacity, tubular batteries can efficiently power small electronic devices to large industrial machinery. You can use these batteries for all your residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

Increased energy efficiency

Tubular inverter batteries are high-energy density batteries capable of storing and transferring large amounts of energy efficiently. The tubular positive plate of high-grade alloy, lead-oxide (PbO2), and the flat negative plate of glass fibre, made the energy transfer process faster than other traditional batteries. The increased surface area of the tubular positive plate also reduces energy loss during charging and discharging cycles. Star Plus tubular inverter batteries have 20% more electrical capacity than other batteries. 

Enhanced deep discharging rate

Tubular inverter batteries are mostly known for their deep discharging capability. Compared to other traditional inverter batteries, it can significantly discharge up to 30% of its charge without taking any prior damage. The profound discharging ability makes it the perfect solution for Nigeria’s prolonged power outages. But for an extended lifespan of a tubular battery, you should discharge up to 50% to 40% before recharging them. Whether it is to power critical appliances in a residential setting or maintain operations in commercial establishments, Tall Tubular Inverter Batteries deliver premium-quality performance.

Lower self-discharge capacity

Self-discharge refers to the gradual loss of energy stored in a battery over time, even when it is not in use. The tall tubular design and high-quality materials used in these batteries contribute to excellence in this aspect, as they have a remarkably low self-discharge rate. The unique design of positive plates, advanced separators, and electrolyte composition minimises tubular inverter battery internal chemical reactions, leading to energy loss. The feature is especially beneficial at the time of emergencies or sudden power cuts. On average, Star Plus tubular inverter batteries lose only 12% to 15% of their charge in a month when not in use.

Enhanced high charge acceptance rate

One of the key benefits of tubular batteries is their high charge acceptance rate. Tubular batteries are specially designed to receive high-voltage power from the grid or alternative energy sources. High charge acceptance enables them to absorb energy quickly, increasing their performance and reducing downtime between power outages. In a country like Nigeria, where frequent power outages are a common issue, fast charging capability makes tubular batteries ideal to use in inverter systems.

Long-lasting service life

The usage of high-grade alloy materials like lead-oxide (PbO2) and robust construction enhance the longevity and durability of a tubular inverter battery significantly. Compared to flat plates, tubular positive plates are substantially thicker and sturdier, which increases their resistance to corrosion and physical harm. This translates into greater resistance to the harsh Nigerian climate, providing long-lasting service life. Star plus tubular inverter batteries have an average service life of 7 to 8 years on average.

Minimum maintenance needs

Unlike conventional batteries, tubular inverter batteries require minimum maintenance. The robust construction and advanced technology make tubular batteries lose a minimum amount of water and also reduce the acid stratification rate significantly. As a result, it takes longer intervals between maintenance cycles, lowering overall maintenance costs. Made up of high-grade alloy, these batteries are corrosion resistance and don’t require frequent requirements and replacements at all. However, to maintain optimum performance, you should check the water level every two months. 

Advanced safety measures

Safety is the top priority in power backup systems. A tubular inverter battery is equipped with cutting-edge safety measures to protect against potential dangers. For safe and dependable operation, they contain features like thermal management systems, overcharge protection, and short-circuit protection.

Improved heat resistance 

Nigeria has a high-temperature climate which can badly affect the performance of a battery. But tubular inverter batteries are made specifically to tolerate increased temperatures. The tubular positive plates come with advanced heat dissipation mechanisms, which enable these batteries to operate efficiently even in hot weather conditions. Consider this factor while choosing a tubular battery for inverter.

Compatible with Renewable Energy

Nigeria is badly grappling with the negative environmental impact of fossil fuel consumption and now moving its ways toward renewable energy systems. Tubular inverter batteries are a great support when paired with solar power systems. Its high charge energy acceptance enables it to store solar energy generated during the day for use during the night or cloudy periods. Tubular inverter batteries bring a massive revolution in renewable energies by reducing the reliance on the grid and minimising their carbon footprint.

A Sustainable, Eco-friendly option

Tubular inverter batteries are made up of recyclable materials. By recycling these batteries, you can minimise environmental impact significantly. This reduces the need for raw materials and prevents the release of harmful substances into the ecosystem. Apart from that, these batteries generate minimum fumes, which is good for reducing air pollution as well. Tubular batteries are an eco-friendly option for energy storage since they help create a cleaner, healthier environment through proper disposal and recycling. If you are seeking a reliable inverter battery for home, tubular inverter batteries will be the perfect solution for you.

Illuminating Nigeria’s Future: Star Plus batteries 

Star Plus is one of the leading battery manufacturers in Nigeria. Our tubular inverter batteries are known for their high-end performance and competitive price range. Compared to ordinary batteries, our tubular batteries feature 20% greater electrical capacity. Our tubular batteries are known for their deep discharging rate. On average, Star Plus tubular batteries only lose 12% to 15% of charge in a month when not in use. Apart from that, we offer a 24-month warranty on all of our batteries. So, if you are seeking a reliable inverter battery, don’t miss out on the advantageous features of Star Plus batteries to meet all your power backup needs