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    What are the Advantages of Tubular Inverter Battery?

    There are many advantages to buying a tubular inverter battery in Warawa Kano, Nigeria. Here are some of them:

    1. A tubular battery can recharge and discharge at a fairly high temperature
    2. They can endure continuous shedding of materials for a long period
    3. Tubular batteries can be used for devices and equipment with high power requirements.
    4. Though tubular batteries are not maintenance-free, they are easier and more convenient to use.
    5. Tubular batteries can be charged at high voltages, unlike gel batteries.
    6. They are good options for areas where grid power is low.
    7. Tubular batteries have the longest life span. They can last up to 8 years.


    Buy Tubular Battery in Warawa Kano

    Make the switch to reliable and long-lasting power with our tubular batteries in Warawa Kano. Our tubular batteries are designed to withstand frequent power outages and provide a consistent, uninterrupted energy supply for all your needs. With robust construction and efficient performance, these batteries are perfect for homes, offices, and businesses in need of a reliable power backup solution.


    The tubular inverter batteries feature a high backup solution, low maintenance needs, and 24 months of warranty.

    The Advantages of Tubular Inverter Battery

    High Power Output

    Improved Lifespan and Durability

    Deep Discharge Performance

    Higher Charge Acceptance Rate

    Low Self-Discharge Rate

    Tolerance to High Temperatures

    Lower Operating Costs

    Eco-Friendly and Recyclable

    Star Plus Tubular Inverter Batteries: Special Features and Qualities

    Model No. Box Type Ah Capacity Length Width Height Total Warranty
    SP22000 XB IT500 220 505 190 410 24 MONTHS

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does a Tall Tubular Inverter Battery work?
    An inverter battery stores energy and releases it on demand as electricity. Tall tubular inverter batteries deliver uninterrupted power supply to homes, offices, and businesses during long power cuts, enabling the process to continue without fail.
    What should I consider when buying a battery?
    When choosing an inverter battery, consider the dimensions and power requirements you need for your home or office, depending on your budget. Star Plus tubular inverter batteries are backed by a 2-year warranty package. Choose what is best for your power needs.
    When I am cleaning the terminals of my battery, what’s important to consider?
    When cleaning the terminals of your tubular inverter battery, consider using a mixture of baking soda and water to gently remove corrosion. Ensure the terminals are thoroughly dry before reconnecting to prevent electrical shorts or damage to the battery.
    How should I maintain a tubular inverter battery?
    The best ways to maintain your tubular inverter battery are through regular charging, water topping, cleaning, temperature control, and periodic inspection.
    How does the battery capacity (Ah) affect its performance?
    The tubular inverter battery capacity, measured in Ah, indicates the amount of energy it can store and deliver over a long period. Higher Ah translates to longer backup times, allowing Star Plus batteries to power more appliances or devices during power outages.
    What is the internal resistance of a typical tubular inverter battery?
    Understand the internal resistance of your tubular inverter battery by assessing its efficiency and performance. Lower internal resistance allows for faster charging and discharging rates, minimizing energy loss and maximizing the battery’s overall effectiveness during power outages.

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