What Makes Tubular Inverter Battery The Top Choice For Eco-Energy Supply

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Sustainability has become a necessary approach for building a greener future. Nigeria has taken similar initiatives to increase sustainable power supply. From solar power grids to electric vehicles, Nigeria has pledged to generate the lowest carbon footprints. To stand at par with eco-friendly energy choices, choose Tubular Inverter Battery.
Star Plus manufactures the best Tubular Inverter Batteries in Nigeria. Their high storage capacity and automated energy adjustment capacity can reduce excessive energy usage. Continue reading this blog to learn how our tubular batteries can provide eco-friendly solutions.

Know About Eco-Friendly Aspects of Tubular Batteries

Minimum Water Consumption

Tubular Batteries consume comparatively less water than flat plate inverter batteries. Nigeria has been facing water scarcity for decades. Tubular Batteries can provide standard solutions to water scarcity and eco-friendly energy solutions.
Our tubular batteries are designed with thicker plates that help in high electrolyte storage. This can reduce the frequent need for water topping. Hence, choosing a tubular inverter battery will reduce high water consumption and, in return, decrease maintenance needs.
Here at Star Plus, we will provide you with the best tubular batteries for your household and commercial capacity. Our tubular batteries can function flexibly depending on your water supply, reducing excessive water wastage and delivering an eco-friendly approach.

Less Thermal Management

High thermal or heat generation can similarly lead to high carbon emissions. Releasing high carbon footprints in the atmosphere will increase atmospheric temperature. Tubular Batteries can be an eco-friendly choice.
Tubular batteries are more robust than flat plate batteries. At Star Plus, we use a frame structure with vertical spines connected to a standard bus bar. This design increases positive plate surface area, allowing your inverter to supply more electricity without high energy usage.
Sometimes, inverter battery performance decreases under low-temperature conditions. Our tubular inverter batteries are designed to function at different temperatures. The thicker electrolyte plates can increase self-charging and discharging capacity, reducing the necessity for external heating or thermostats in your household or commercial spaces.

Handle High Electricity Loads Fast

At times, carbon emissions occur due to high electricity consumption in peak hours. Flat plate inverters often fail to handle high electricity loads and consume comparatively higher energy. This can increase carbon footprints and simultaneously increase energy costs.
Our tubular Batteries’ unique designs can reduce plate shedding and corrosion. Less corrosion extends their lifespan and ensures stability during heavy loads. Batteries with a high lifespan will help you minimise metal and plastic waste as an eco-friendly approach.
Star Plus ensures that each tubular inverter battery is manufactured with lead alloys and lead oxide. Similarly, we use heat-sealed containers as protective casings for batteries. The combined efficiency of internal and external designs allows our batteries to withstand high electricity loads.

Integrate with Renewable Energy Source

Unlike traditional diesel driven batteries, tubular batteries can seamlessly integrate with renewable energy sources.
As of 2022, sustainable power usage in Nigeria has increased by 12% compared to previous years. Low carbon emissions and high energy storage were the main targets of sustainable energy usage. Our 12v 220ah tubular battery can be your best choice for renewable energy usage.
The primary aim of sustainable energy generation is to reduce excessive energy waste. Tubular Batteries are ideal for maintaining flexible charging and discharging systems. Our 12v 220ah battery can help you control power storage and discharge systems without extra manual effort. It can power a device for 220 hours if the device discharges 1 amp of current from the inverter battery. High storage capacity can, in return, reduce carbon emissions by replacing diesel inverter batteries.

Active Use In Household and Commercial Inverters

Inverters have emerged as necessary household and commercial machinery to tackle frequent power outages in our country. However, long-range batteries often limit inverters’ flexibility, resulting in lower usage or high maintenance costs.
Star Plus offers tubular batteries with high capacity for active use in household and commercial inverters. Our batteries have lead plates submerged in sulfuric acid electrolytes. Lower corrosion in the lead plates enhances durability compared to traditional flooded lead-acid batteries.
Similarly, our tubular inverter battery is suitable for backup power in facilities with less demanding cycling requirements. This helps tubular batteries store energy generated during charging and provide power to inverters. Reducing energy wastage has also contributed to low carbon emissions and a greener future.

Wrapping Up

Tubular Batteries are a perfect combination of durability and energy efficiency. The key to energy efficiency lies in reducing wastage and controlling carbon emissions. Self-discharging facilities of tubular batteries can similarly contribute to less water and thermal consumption.
Star Plus provides you with the best tubular batteries suitable for multiple purposes. Our 12v 220ah batteries can be actively used for sustainable energy management. Moreover, you can always opt for a tall tubular inverter battery for household, high-commercial and industrial purposes. Choose greener alternatives for building a better future.