Unlocking Hidden Potential of Tubular Inverter Batteries: Choose the Right Tubular Battery

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Tubular batteries feature a high potential to meet your 24 hours power supply demand at home or office spaces. It is only the right choice that matters. The right tubular battery can change your everyday living habit and make it better with constant electricity support, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable and stress less life.

Ever thought of spending a day without internet or electricity in today’s time?

In today’s era of science and technology, electricity has been one of the most precious blessings of Science to humankind. Constant power supply has now been an integral part of everyday life, and even the thought of a single day without electricity scares us! We cannot even complete a day’s work without electricity.

Let’s have an insight into the functions that tubular batteries serve in the course of your everyday life.

Impact of Power Outages

Now, at every step of our daily life, it requires a sustained power supply to live a life of utmost potential. In a similar way, the role of tubular inverter batteries has been quite the same in today’s date. In our country, scarcity of electricity supply is so evident that these types of panicky situations have become a daily hassle. In a life full of the hustle and bustle, stress and work pressure, life without electricity seems stuck only. Most of the daily tasks remain pending without electricity.

Considering the state of electricity in our country, installing tubular batteries has been a compulsion, not a choice anymore. In today’s world of constant electric supply, we cannot afford to lose power, whether it is in our homes or office spaces.

Power deficit affects our daily domestic and professional workflow on an adverse level. In today’s time, the most vital everyday life aspects like communication and transportation primarily rely on electricity. These mediums have witnessed massive changes with the emergence of electricity, and now they run entirely on power sources. With the increased use of power today, the medical sector worldwide has as well been completely dependent on the electric power supply.

Despite these facts, power cuts do happen.

Therefore, a large number of individuals all over the country are opting for tubular batteries in their houses and commercial spaces. It takes a robust power backup system to get an uninterrupted power supply at home or office so that we can do the regular chores securely and steadily.

Tubular batteries do the job for you!

Are you deciding to invest in an inverter battery? Or, trying to find an answer to what battery is the best for your needs and requirements?

If yes, you are here for the right reason.

Let’s have a reading tour through the blog to learn more about the role of tubular batteries and how to choose the right one to meet your needs and demands. We at Star Plus Batteries guide you through buying suitable tubular batteries for your place.

Electric Supply in Our Country

Nigeria experiences frequent power cuts, and the national power grid often collapses, submerging a large part of the country in darkness. The country’s power system collapsed four times on a minimum level in the last year, which the authorities claimed to be a technical issue. The Nigeria Government has invested in a capacity of 12,500 megawatts but produces only a quarter of the current capacity. Consequently, the residential and commercial sectors of the country have to rely on diesel-powered generators.

Diesel price has also reached a height since the beginning of the year due to the constant dearth of power supply. Hence, inverters have become one of the most beneficial options for residents to live a life of peace and comfort. Star Plus tubular batteries have emerged as one of the most credible inverter inverter battery options, empowering individuals to lighten up their living hubs even during long power cuts.

Rise of Tubular Batteries

The rise of tubular batteries has brought a radical change to home power backup systems across the globe. Every one of us seeks solace from the hustle of daily life at the day’s end. Most of the time, we tend to find comfort at home, within four walls, after returning from our workplaces. Now, if our living heaven runs out of power supply, how will it offer us comfort? As we are now habituated to our modern lifestyle, spending even a few hours without electronic power backup becomes challenging. A tubular battery such as a 220ah tubular battery holds attractive features to adapt to various adverse situations, including climate changes, long-duration power cuts, and extreme temperature issues.

At the current time, tubular inverter batteries are in heavy use, and the batteries are more functional than ordinary batteries due to their specific features. The batteries ensure the longevity of electrical appliances. In addition, the inverter tubular batteries have made the process smoother and more effortless in maintaining electrical appliances. The unavailability of inverters can affect your basic daily life activities, such as running kitchen appliances to prepare everyday meals or doing basic household chores. It also affects your amusement and entertainment vibes, like sudden power cuts while watching your favorite television shows. Homes with inverters have been less prone to electrical hazards. The electric bill amount also reduces due to steady power consumption, instead of fluctuating electric supply due to power outages.

Choosing the right battery option is crucial in making the purchase decision, and understanding what kind of inverter battery you choose for your home is essential. A tubular inverter battery results in hell and heaven difference in terms of electricity flow. Hence, it becomes necessary for one to purchase supreme-quality batteries to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply and complete the daily chores without any hassle.

Tubular Battery – Features & Functionalities

Tubular batteries comprise two major parts – electrolyte and electrode. A battery becomes tubular only when the negative electrode comes in tubular form. The tubular batteries are lead batteries with sulphuric acid as their electrolyte. The negative plate is pure lead, and the positive plate comes from PbO2. The tubular electrode design enhances its performance level. The electrodes use the frame structure with a series of vertical spines connected to one standard bar.

Tubular batteries are highly reliable for long-term power supply with a long lifespan. The demand for tubular batteries is constantly increasing due to the excellent performance and well-functioning power plants. The batteries are highly user-friendly and convenient to install and operate at homes and need less water-topping. The tubular batteries come with extended warranty periods than the standard plate batteries.

Tubular batteries are bigger in size than flat plate batteries, and you can use these batteries in any area with fewer or more frequent power cuts. The batteries are available in many sizes and shapes that you need to select depending on the space available within your home. The batteries are of two types – short tubular batteries and tall tubular batteries. The batteries come more compact in shape, size, and speed.

The manufacturing process of the batteries attributes them with exclusive features, making them stand out from other ordinary batteries. Tubular batteries usually take up ample space for installation. For example, a 220ah tubular battery dimension is taller than wider. The batteries are available in various sizes and are large enough to serve more extensive areas like spacious homes or office premises. Hence, it is a must to check beforehand whether there is sufficient space at your house to install the battery.

Fundamental Differences between Tubular Batteries & Flat Plate Batteries

It is better to learn the differences between tubular batteries and other popular battery types to understand the true potential of the battery type. The section discusses the fundamental differences between tubular and flat plate batteries to show which kind is best for your home.

Tubular batteries feature a positive plate covered within a tube wrapped in a cloth to hold the electrode’s power. On the other hand, a flat-plate battery comes with a regular battery grid formed of numerous squares.

Tubular batteries come with an excellent warranty period of 6 years or so, whereas flat-plate batteries come with a lesser warranty period.

Tubular batteries need the least maintenance, like topping the battery with distilled water at specific intervals, but a flat plate battery requires a regular eye. Flat plate batteries are comparatively tinier than tubular batteries.

Tubular inverter batteries stand the highest in terms of credibility compared to flat-plated batteries.

The 12v 220ah tubular battery supplies a high power force for multiple types of applications, and the flat plate batteries can serve only essential applications.

Tall tubular batteries are the best fit for houses with no space constraint issues. In addition, the batteries hold higher charging cycles and a well-balanced thermal management system than the flat-plate batteries.

How Tubular Batteries Contribute to the Power Backup System?

Tubular batteries are fast and can easily charge appliances with high power requirements. A tubular inverter battery is the best choice when you select a high-end power appliance for your home, and you can use the battery in all areas with more or less power cuts. It takes minimal maintenance to take care of this specific kind. In addition, tubular batteries last long, so you do not have to worry about changing the batteries at irregular intervals.

The best tubular inverter battery for the home inverter is bigger in size if you compare it with a flat plate battery. The plates feature a tubular support structure around the reactive chemical, ensuring the receptive part stays as it is. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for your home to provide you with a smooth power supply.

Tubular batteries serve as an emergency power backup system for any electrical installation. The batteries contribute to emergency lighting and help pump power during a failure. Electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, hybrid vehicles, and other motor vehicles run on the strength of lead-acid batteries.

Potential of Tubular Batteries

The use of inverter batteries has expanded in Nigeria, possibly being the best power backup solution to manage the continual power shortage from the public power system. The cost of the elements of the tubular inverter batteries has been on a hike compared to the general price levels. Despite this, inverters are conceivably the best-suited option for our power cuts at the basic outage levels. Individuals using inverters can enjoy full personal comfort and quality of life that comes with it and save the cost of running generators for a long time. The lifespan of a tubular battery is longer than that of flat plate batteries. Tubular batteries can efficiently withstand frequent load sheddings. The oxide holder tubes hold the active materials rigidly, preventing the shedding of the material, which is one of the primary reasons for the failure of batteries. In the course of time, the spines grow a protective cover of lead dioxide, which helps reduce the spines’ corrosion rate.

The tubular batteries are highly suited for high cyclic applications. The battery can support heavy loads and applications, way more than SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) batteries. Leverage of tubular batteries results in low loss of water and low maintenance. Tubular batteries are more resilient and offer better performance and high durability. It has brought a great positive impact on the daily lives of Nigerians, offering more mileage to the Nigerian people’s investment in batteries and inverters. Sellers enjoy profound mental peace, as there will be fewer unsatisfied customers. The significant benefits of tubular inverter batteries include running at extreme temperatures and withstanding extensive load sheddings; the batteries are better suited for high cyclic applications, support heavy loads and applications, allow faster battery charging, and are best suited for the demanding usage environments of Nigeria.

Now, all tubular batteries are not the same. You need to pick the right battery brand, such as Star Plus Batteries, to get the best product for your hard-earned money. If you learn about battery durability and performance, you can try the tubular type. You won’t lose much because tubular batteries will perform better than SMF batteries, in any way. Even the odds are in your favor if you decide to try tubular. It is a healthy condition for experimentation; we encourage you to go for the tubular batteries.

How to Buy a Reliable Battery for Your Inverter?

The credibility of an inverter battery depends on whether it can provide enough backup for your home appliances at an affordable cost. You can control the cost when you can reduce the conversion cost. It is essential to understand a few primary factors, to make the right decision. Otherwise, there are ample chances to make wrong choices and regret them in the long run. There are high chances dealers can guile you or confuse you from making the right decision.

While it is evident that inverters can not generate electricity, it needs battery power to supply constant power flow. It consumes the grid power to store electricity in batteries. Now that you understand that you can consume energy in the long term with a consistent power backup system let us look at how to minimize conversion losses.

Inverter batteries are crucial to your home power backup system. The shape and design of the tubular batteries as that 220ah tubular battery resolves the challenges due to power cuts and outages. In case of load shedding, inverter batteries provide backup power to electrical appliances. It is essential to purchase the finest quality battery for your home and live a hassle-free life on an everyday basis. You can follow the basic guidelines while buying top-quality inverter tubular batteries.

Factors to Consider:

Look into Features & Specifications

When you are interested in investing in a tubular battery, you need to look for modern and upgraded technology besides choosing the best inverter battery manufacturer. The inverter tubular battery you choose must feature brand-new technology. You must check for the latest technology while opting for a tubular battery. And most importantly, the battery must be user-friendly, offering an excellent user experience in the time of need.

Check Customer Reviews and Feedback

It always helps to read customer testimonials and reviews to make the right decision before purchasing the correct battery type. The customers offer their views and feedback based on their buying experiences, and you can assess the tubular battery quality through their ratings and reviews. You must ensure the reliance only on top-notch and verified tubular battery manufacturers who offer an extended warranty on electrical appliances. The list of happy and satisfied clients is vast and extensive for Star Plus Batteries.

Consider Price Rates & Make Decisions

Pricing is a vital aspect. The buying choice you make must be worth spending money on the batteries. You will get to know about a considerable number of tubular battery manufacturing companies, and out of all, Star Plus Batteries is one of the prominent brands in the inverter battery industry. The leading battery manufacturing brand produces a large number of tubular batteries a year. Therefore, they have a versatile product range while offering inverter batteries at different prices. The unruffled and smooth experience they offer the users is the core attraction.

Check for Warranty Period

In the end, what matters the most is the post-purchase service. If your battery does not work correctly, you can inform the company about the inconvenience so that professionals can take immediate action. Star Plus Batteries offer a well-guarded security to its consumers with its extended warranty period. You will receive a refund or exchange of the item if you claim it with relevant documents within the warranty period. You don’t need to go through any financial burden or crisis in such troubling times.

Wrapping Up,

The electrochemical power sources the machinery that we use nowadays. The lead-acid battery surpasses all other systems individually. Star Plus Batteries is one of the top-notch inverter battery manufacturers in Nigeria, supplying the best quality tubular batteries to residential and office spaces. If you want to discover a proven way to save money, enjoy an extended power supply and long battery life, and experience all the happiness and comfort, make the switch. You would absolutely love the results and feel proud that you chose to try the batteries.Consult the professionals to get more insights and information about Star Plus Batteries.