Tubular Inverter Batteries: The Key to Overcoming Power Challenges

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Imagine you’re in the middle of an important task, and suddenly, darkness engulfs the room as a power outage strikes. Frustrating, isn’t it? But fear not! There is a shining beacon of hope that can rescue you from such moments of despair – tubular inverter batteries. These remarkable energy storage marvels have emerged as the knight in shining armour, ready to conquer power challenges and ensure an uninterrupted power supply. 

This blog will explore the significance of tubular inverter batteries in overcoming power challenges.

What is a Tubular Inverter Battery? 

A Tubular inverter battery is an advanced lead-acid battery designed specifically for use with inverters. Unlike regular flat plate batteries, tubular batteries feature a unique design that enhances their performance, durability, and efficiency. These batteries employ a positive tubular plate construction, filling the positive active material in a tubular form and increasing the surface area for better chemical reactions. This innovative design significantly enhances the battery’s efficiency, deep cycling capability, and lifespan.

Significance of Tubular Inverter Battery

Imagine a battery that not only keeps the lights on during power outages but also delivers exceptional performance, durability, and efficiency. Tubular inverter batteries embody these characteristics, going above and beyond to provide a reliable backup power solution for homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure. What sets them apart from conventional flat plate batteries is their innovative tubular positive plate construction, revolutionising the way we store and utilise energy. 

Efficiency that Shines:

In the quest for efficient energy storage solutions, tubular inverter batteries shine brightly. It features tubular positive plates made of a high-grade alloy, such as lead-oxide (PbO2), which enables faster and more efficient energy conversion. This optimised active material distribution reduces energy losses and improves overall performance. Star Plus tubular inverter batteries have 20% more electrical capacity than other batteries. With tubular batteries, you can rest assured that the power generated is efficiently utilised, allowing you to make the most of your backup power supply.

Deep Cycling Capability:

Power outages can strike at any moment, leaving us in the dark for hours or even days. Tubular inverter batteries are specifically engineered to handle these situations with ease. They boast an impressive deep cycling capability, allowing them to withstand repeated deep discharge cycles. This means you can rely on these batteries to provide sustained power backup during extended periods of downtime, ensuring that your essential appliances and devices remain functional when you need them the most.

Quick Charging for Instant Power:

When the power goes out, time becomes of the essence. Tubular inverter batteries understand this urgency and offer a solution with their high charge acceptance rate. These batteries have fast charging capability, ensuring that you get instant power restoration when the grid fails you. With their rapid charging capabilities, tubular batteries minimise downtime and ensure that you can swiftly resume your activities without any interruptions.

Years-long life span:

When it comes to withstanding the test of time, tubular inverter batteries emerge victorious. Their robust construction and tubular positive plate design make them highly durable, capable of resisting corrosion and preventing premature failure. With a longer lifespan than their flat plate counterparts, these batteries offer a reliable power backup solution that you can depend on for years to come. Star Plus tubular inverter batteries have an average service life of 7 to 8 years.

Low Maintenance, High Convenience:

Gone are the days of constantly monitoring battery water levels and topping up distilled water. A tubular inverter battery has been designed with low water consumption in mind, reducing the frequency of maintenance tasks. Additionally, the use of advanced alloy compositions minimises the formation of battery-damaging sediments, making these batteries hassle-free to operate. With tubular batteries, you can enjoy uninterrupted power without the added burden of frequent maintenance.

Low self-discharge rate:

Another remarkable feature of tubular inverter batteries is their low self-discharge rate. Self-discharge refers to the gradual loss of battery capacity when it is not in use. Tubular batteries have a significantly lower self-discharge rate compared to other battery types. This means that even if the battery is not utilised for an extended period, it retains its charge for a longer duration, ensuring that it is ready to provide power when needed. Star Plus tubular inverter batteries lose 12% to 15% of their charge a month on average. 

Enhanced Safety Features:

Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to energy storage solutions. Tubular inverter batteries are designed with built-in safety features to protect against potential hazards. They incorporate features such as short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, and thermal management systems to ensure safe and reliable operation. These safety measures handle potential risks and prevent accidents, making it the perfect inverter battery for home. 

Overcoming Power Challenges with Tubular Inverter Batteries:

Uninterrupted Power Supply: 

Tubular inverter batteries act as a reliable backup power source during power outages, ensuring that essential appliances and equipment continue to operate seamlessly. They provide uninterrupted power, enabling individuals and businesses to carry on with their activities without interruptions or downtime.

Voltage Regulation: 

Tubular batteries help regulate voltage fluctuations, protecting electronic devices and appliances from potential damage caused by unstable power supply. They act as a stabilising force, ensuring a steady and safe voltage output.

Rural Electrification: 

Tubular inverter batteries have been instrumental in bridging the power gap in rural areas with limited or no access to the electrical grid. These batteries, combined with solar panels, provide a sustainable and independent power source, improving the quality of life and promoting economic development in remote regions.

Backup for Critical Systems: 

In critical applications such as hospitals, data centres, and telecommunications, where a constant power supply is essential, tubular inverter batteries work as a reliable inverter battery backup solution. They provide the necessary power to ensure uninterrupted operations, preventing data loss, equipment damage, or jeopardising human lives.


Tubular inverter batteries have emerged as a crucial technology in overcoming power challenges across various sectors. Their advanced design, durability, and reliability make them the preferred choice for individuals and businesses. Star Plus tubular inverter batteries are one of the most reliable power backup solutions in Nigeria. Star Plus batteries provide uninterrupted power, regulate voltage fluctuations, and offer a sustainable backup solution, ensuring a seamless and efficient power supply.