Maintenance Tips for Inverter Batteries to Ensure Longevity

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Are you looking to know how to maintain your inverter battery best to ensure longevity? Of course, you are. Otherwise, why would you land here? You should know that there are different types of inverter batteries, such as flat plate, tubular, or gel, but the way to maintain them is pretty much the same. And here, in this post, all the inverter battery maintenance tips are described, which you can follow to ensure your battery lasts long and keeps performing like brand new.

Use it Regularly

Your inverter battery is ready to use only after been installed by a qualified installer. But for the best performance year after year, you need to maintain it properly. One such way is to use it regularly. If you live in Nigeria, your battery will get used regularly by default. It’s because Nigeria faces serious power outage issues, and inverter and inverter batteries are pretty common and hugely used to meet the power demands in almost every household and commercial place.

The idea behind using your inverter battery regularly is to discharge and recharge it at least once every 30 days, which helps extend its life. So, if your residential area has infrequent power cuts, you can use the battery deliberately once every 30 days to ensure the correct discharge frequency is maintained and your battery keeps running flawlessly for years.

Check the Inverter Battery Water Levels at Regular Intervals

Check your inverter battery water levels every 60 days. Checking like this will help you make sure that your inverter battery water level is maintained between the maximum and minimum. A healthy water level in the battery is essential to maintain its functionality.

Also, it’s advised to use only distilled water when topping up the inverter battery. Using rainwater or tap water is not recommended because they contain excess minerals and impurities, which can affect the life cycle and performance of the battery.

Clean Your Battery Regularly

Make it a habit to check and clean your inverter battery regularly to ensure longevity. Keep the surface and sides of the battery clean at all times. Also, keep the terminals rust and corrosion free. This will help the battery to perform flawlessly.

Cleaning and dusting your battery is not necessary for your battery’s performance. Still, this practice is paramount to help your battery perform at its full potential for a long time.

Keep Your Battery in a Well Ventilated Space

This is the best practice prior to installing your battery. After you buy an inverter in Lagos, choose a well-ventilated space for the battery installation. This is because an inverter battery always heats up, even if slightly, when running, reducing the battery’s efficiency and lifespan. Keeping it in a well-ventilated place will dissipate the heat produced, and the battery will remain cool and will be able to function to its true potential.

Prevent Blocking of Battery Vents

The vents of your inverter battery must be kept free from blockages and dust. Blockages are said to produce Hydrogen gas inside the battery, which, when accumulated, can even lead to the battery getting burst.

Regular battery checkups will also help diagnose any problem or damage with your battery and the need for possible replacement.

Check the Battery When Fully Charged

Perform the health check of your battery only after it’s fully charged. Charge your battery for 10-15 hours prior to examining using the inverter or an external charger. Next, check the voltage against an electronic meter. Having a fully charged battery is needed to know if there are consistent fluctuations in voltage.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining your battery is as important as installing it. Correct maintenance will give you power backup for an extended period without fails and complaints. As mentioned earlier, several types of inverter batteries exist, but the maintenance practices are the same. The tips mentioned above are from the experts of Star Plus Inverter Battery, and following them will surely help you keep your battery free from troubles and ensure it has a long life.