Illuminating the Future of the Country, Nigeria’s G20 Bloc Membership

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As global platforms go, the G-20 meet achieved a historic landmark – it brought together a larger community of nations from across continents and pressed for closer consultation and cooperation. President Tinubu represented Nigeria at the G-20 international summit in New Delhi. Speaking on the occasion, President Tinubu expressed how business and cultural ties have drawn Nigeria and India closer, and congratulated India on its recent success in Space with the lunar lander. Welcoming the G-20 outreach, he declared Nigeria’s readiness for greater participation in the forum as today’s world requires a more multilateral approach to common global challenges.

Greater North-South cooperation, addressing income inequality and climate justice, and expanding the role of diplomacy all call for fresh approaches which will help develop the ‘One Family’ concept promoted at the G-20 summit in New Delhi. Expressing his satisfaction at the invitation to the African Union (AU) in the G-20 proceedings, President Tinubu said that G-20 is fostering greater inclusiveness, access to credit, and mobilising resources to help in energy transition. He emphasised that the way forward would be based on partnerships, collaboration, sustainability and equity.

“Nigeria is poised, able, and willing to be a major player in this family of the G-20 and in shaping a new world, without whom the family will remain incomplete”, President Tinubu said. As a brand with the backing of Indian technology to manufacture inverter batteries in Nigeria for power back-up, Star Plus Battery is delighted at the unprecedented opportunity for greater collaboration towards global goals.

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  • Among the focal areas during the G-20 summit for Nigeria is a quest for foreign direct investment and an invitation to private capital from various countries to develop Nigeria’s public infrastructure. 

One of the objectives of the interactions during the meet for Nigeria is to draw participation in the country’s major sectors, such as power generation, transmission and distribution besides shipyards, steel, and other labour-intensive industries that can generate a larger scale of employment for youth.

President Tinubu was not only addressing a few dozen industry leaders in India, he is also hosting a special CEO roundtable with selected CEOs of large Indian industrial groups. Again, the steel and power sectors are much in focus, and the president is also in dialogue with heads of State to explore opportunities for growth in trade relations.

What Africa’s largest brings to the table

President Tinubu has also been thanked by US President Joe Biden for his strong leadership in the Economic Community of West African States to defend democracy and the rule of law in the region. Nigeria’s presence at the G-20 recognises Africa’s largest democracy and economy. President Tinubu said that in pursuit of our collective dreams as many nations of One Family, we must devise global governance that is collectively designed and managed so as to assure all its members of respect and sustainable development.

Putting humans first

In response to contemporary challenges, the thrust at this gathering has been on encouraging environment-friendly lifestyles and to promote harmony within the human family. To raise humanity above conflict, the group of nations aims to ensure that access to food, fertilisers and medical products will not be denied to anyone in conflict zones so that humanitarian crises can be warded off.

Mutual support, solutions-seeking, universal humanism, and uplift of living standards in underdeveloped regions are some of the laudable themes of the New Delhi conference that has apparently heralded a new level of cooperation and consensus. Nigeria can take pride in a closer role and gaining further access to technological solutions and business expansion. People in industry and commerce would rejoice at the range of opportunities thus opened up as it paves the way for new pacts, products, and revenue pipelines.

Adding to the success stories

There are over 130 Indian companies operating in Nigeria, and as Doris Uzoka-Anite, Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment observed, “Anyone who knows both countries will be aware of just how much we have in common: our colonial heritage; fast-growing, multilingual, multi-religious populations; the success stories of our young people, especially in ICT; and our teeming diasporas. Joining the G-20, as Africa’s largest economy and most populous country, will no doubt position Nigeria to benefit from even more favourable trade and economic ties with India and other leading world economies.”

The ties have received a boost during this recent visit to India. On his part, President Tinubu informed the Indian industry shortly after landing in New Delhi, “Nigeria will become one of the most conducive places on earth to make good profits and create lasting jobs. Nothing stands in your way of enjoying the unrivalled opportunities presented by our massive market and the ingenious, and hardworking nature of the Nigerian people.”

The high-powered delegation also seized the initiative to sign a number of important agreements during the G-20. These involve the Infrastructure Corporation of Nigeria Limited, the Nigerian Ministry of Communication, Innovation and Digital Economy and the India’s Electronics & I.T ministry. Sizeable investments have also been committed to, by Jindal Steel and Power, Bharti Enterprises, SkipperSeil Group and Indorama Petrochemical to the tune of several billion dollars.

G-20 interactions have been conducive to hold a variety of meetings to promote commerce and culture , peace as well as prosperity, industry as well as inclusiveness, equity as well as ecology. Star Plus Battery is proud about Nigeria’s further strides and dynamism through this historic event and beyond.