From Outages to Brilliance: How Tubular Inverter Batteries Bring Light to Your Life

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The frequent power outages in Nigeria are gradually making daily life more difficult. The infrastructural decay of the power production sector is the main reason behind this. From household duties to industrial work, everything got hampered due to frequent power cuts. 

According to estimations, in 2020, around 35.7 thousand gigawatt hours of electricity were generated, while the electricity demand exceeded 29 terawatt hours in the same year.

In this situation, having a reliable power backup system can be a lifesaver. By bridging the gap between the power supply and demand, it can provide uninterrupted electricity in a time of need. One such solution that brings light to the life of thousands of Nigerian people is tubular inverter batteries. 

In this comprehensive blog, we will embark on the journey from outages to brilliance, discovering how tubular inverter batteries bring light to your life. (source)

Tubular Inverter Batteries Bringing the Light to Your Life

A Tubular inverter battery is one of the most popular inverter batteries in Nigeria. It is a lead-acid battery consisting of positive and negative plates with sulfuric acid electrolytes. Its unique tubular design enables higher energy density, improved cyclic life, and enhanced performance compared to traditional batteries. In a country like Nigeria, where frequent and prolonged power cuts are expected, with its high charge acceptance and deep discharging capacity, tubular inverter batteries are the perfect solution for all.

Uninterrupted power supply

One of the biggest benefits of tubular inverter batteries is getting an uninterrupted power supply during power outages. The tubular inverter batteries have a high energy density, allowing them to store substantial electrical energy. The tubular positive plate of tubular batteries comprises high-grade alloys, like lead oxide (PbO2). The unique plate design helps to transfer energy more quickly and efficiently. 

Longer power duration

The tubular inverter batteries are resistant to deep discharging cycles. It ensures a longer power duration than other batteries during prolonged power cuts. It can discharge up to 40%-30% without taking so much damage. But it is recommended to discharge your tubular battery up to 50%-40% before recharging them to get an extended lifespan.

Fast charging capacity

The tubular inverter battery can accept high-voltage energy enabling a faster charging procedure. In a country like Nigeria, where frequent power fluctuations and voltage variations are common issues, high charge acceptance allows these batteries to absorb charge quickly from the grid or alternative power sources, maximising their utilisation and reducing downtime between power outages. 

Lower amount of energy loss

The self-discharge rate of tubular inverter batteries is very low. Tubular inverter batteries can only discharge 12-15% of their energy in a month while not in use. This feature of a tubular battery is most beneficial when you need an emergency power backup system instantly. Because of the lower amount of energy loss, these batteries retain their charge for extended periods, minimising energy losses and ensuring power availability when needed.

Durable cost-saving option

If you seek a durable cost saving inverter battery for energy backup, consider tubular inverter batteries according to your requirements. The high-quality raw materials and unique construction enhance the toughness of tubular inverter batteries. The tubular positive plates have a considerably thicker and sturdier construction as compared to flat plates, making them more resistant to corrosion and physical damage. The average lifespan of Star Plus tubular batteries is 7 years to 8 years. The extended lifespan ensures that tubular batteries require less frequent replacements, resulting in cost savings over the long run.

Require less maintenance

The maintenance and repair of tubular inverter batteries require less effort and cost than their flat plate equivalents. The robust construction and advanced technology make the tubular inverter batteries lose less amount of water and reduce acid stratification. Unlike traditional batteries, you do not need to top up your inverter battery very often.  Moreover, tubular batteries are highly efficient in converting stored energy into usable power, minimising energy wastage, and optimising performance.

Reduced risk potential

Safety should be the first priority when selecting a tubular battery for inverter. Star Plus tubular inverter batteries come with advanced safety features reducing potential risk factors. They include features such as short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, and thermal management systems to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Suitable for harsh environment

The tubular inverter battery is constructed with high-grade raw materials, rendering it resistant to extreme heat. Nigeria’s climate tends to be quite hot, which can have an adverse impact on battery performance; however, the heat-resistant nature of tubular batteries prevents them from succumbing to premature failure due to elevated temperatures. This capability for high-temperature tolerance guarantees that these batteries will supply optimal power output regardless of the external environment.

Sustainable environment-friendly option

Tubular inverter batteries bring a massive revolution in renewable energies. The high charge acceptance capability of a tubular inverter battery makes it the perfect power backup solution to store the energy produced by solar panels. Apart from that, these batteries are recyclable, thus reducing the requirement for raw materials and avoiding the emission of potentially harmful substances into the ecosystem. The tubular batteries discharge minimum fumes, reducing air pollution as well. Tubular batteries are among the most sustainable, environment-friendly option for energy storage since they facilitate the creation of a cleaner and healthier environment through proper disposal and recycling. You can consider these factors while selecting an inverter battery for home. 

Star Plus tubular inverter batteries

Star Plus is one of the leading manufacturers of tubular batteries in Nigeria. Our batteries are known for their great performance and budget-friendly prices. On average, a Star Plus tubular battery has 20% more electrical capacity than other types of batteries, and its self-discharge rate is very low, losing only 12%-15% charge per month when not in use. Furthermore, our batteries boast a long service life of up to 7-8 years, and they come with a 24-month warranty as well. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable inverter power backup system at cost-effective prices, Star Plus tubular inverter batteries will be an optimal choice for you.