Don’t Let Blackouts Spoil Your Fun: The Inverter Battery Solution for Nigeria

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The Power Supply situation in Nigeria is still complicated. To say the situation has improved would be a partial lie. Due to inadequate infrastructure, gas supply problems, and transmission system constraints, the country faces a constant collapse of the national grid, which has a big impact on Nigeria’s economy and development. 

Due to power outages, Nigeria is estimated to lose billions of dollars annually. However, Nigerians have overcome these situations with the aid of alternative power supplies at the expense of having to pay an extra fee to keep up with the constant power cuts.

Electricity Generators became a popular choice, but it was a monthly strike to the income due to money spent on fuel. Up to 8.000 from 10.000 naira a month on average are spent on diesel to keep the generators running. This monthly power cut sounds more like a punishment than a solution to overcome the precarious power situation in Nigeria. 

Inverter Batteries: A Reliable Choice 

This was the situation of Ekele Ogomegbunam, a student from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) who, after facing several years of education, finally managed to end their studies at one of the most important universities in Nigeria. He managed to organize a small party celebration with families and closest friends at his home in Ikoyi, just a few miles from UNILAG.

It was a long-awaited moment for the Ogomegbunam family, and after managing to organize the reunion, they spent a good afternoon sharing moments together. The meeting lasted till evening, and what was feared happened: An outage at night left the family reunion in a total mess. Fortunately, most of the food and drinks were consumed while the sunlight lasted, and the night came with a few friends of Ekele sharing moments in his house. 

Most of the group members left before the night came to arrive at their homes, but this left Ekele with a very personal thought: why has to be the outage the one that decides if the party is over?

“After that night, I thought, what annoys me about sharing a moment and having to end earlier or end while there’s still sunlight because of a power cut? If it happens at night, things are going to be complicated,”  said the 23-year-old bachelor. 

“So I decided, and a few weeks after, I made the investment of buying a tubular inverter battery. A friend of mine in Victoria Island told me that their family invested in a lead-acid battery, and their problems related to power outages were minimised”

Ekele explained that with an initial investment of nearly 900000 nairas, he managed to buy an inverter tubular battery, “Yes, the initial cost was a little bit beyond what I expected, but after doing my research, I saw that this battery was the right option for me. After that investment, I even made a couple of reunions here at night at my house, and there was no problem because we were all enlightened.” concluded.

Cost-Effectiveness Solutions 

After experiencing the solutions of having an inverter tubular battery, many families and businesses in the Lagos and Abuja states where every day most people make the effort to invest in these Uninterrupted Power Supply systems for a better quality of life.  

Tubular Inverter batteries have become a solution due to their cost-effectiveness. These batteries have a long lifespan of up to 8 years and require less maintenance. Their huge perk is that you will save more money than spending on daily litres of Diesel. But what would happen if your generator runs out of diesel? You might have to be in a hurry while you keep spending money. 

These batteries are the solution to all the problems related to power outages. Here are some of the benefits of buying a Tubular inverter battery:

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply: The inverter allows a seamless transition between grid power and battery power during outages, ensuring a continuous flow of electricity to enough to supply your home or business. This stability is especially crucial for medical facilities, data centres, and businesses.
  • Budget-friendly: Several types of inverter batteries adjust to different budgets and necessities. While the initial investment in an inverter system may seem high, it can lead to long-term savings. Installing an inverter battery in your home can be a cost-effective solution for power supply. 
  • Low Maintenance: Inverter batteries have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance compared to standard batteries, which often need regular servicing and costly repairs. However, proper maintenance on inverters will extend their lifespan.

Invest in A Better Quality of Life

Inverter batteries have become a beacon of progress for the Nigerian people. This reliable Technology is the answer to combat frequent power outages. On the other hand, these batteries can reach rural and remote areas and provide them with electricity, a huge plus for keeping the country developing. 

Inverter batteries offer a promising solution to Nigeria’s energy problems. By encouraging their adoption through government support, awareness campaigns, and infrastructure investment, the country will be able to progress in a fast-paced environment while adapting to the power demands of our current world. 

If you are looking to improve your quality of life, contact us directly, and we will provide you with the support required to make your first inverter battery purchase!