Before and After Buying an Inverter Battery in Nigeria

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Inverters are common in Nigeria. Being a country with a massive power deficit affecting every household and commercial place, inverters are regularly required to meet power demands. Inverters work along with inverter batteries that store the energy and supply it to the inverter, which then transforms it from DC to AC, which helps run appliances. 

To make sure all the needed appliances run when there is a power issue, you need to choose an inverter battery that would meet your power requirements in the best possible way. Buying is, however, not the end; it’s just the beginning of bringing home necessary electrical equipment that needs your attention.

So, if you have decided to buy an inverter battery to put an end to your misery due to power failures, you should go through this blog to learn what you should know before buying and what to do after buying an inverter battery.  

Before Buying an Inverter Battery: Tips for Choosing the Right One

Choosing the right inverter battery is essential so that you do not fall short of power in times of need. The right battery should be able to supply the necessary power to light up the essentials in your home. Along with that, it must last long and be sustainable. Here are a few tips to buy the right tubular inverter battery for your purpose. 

Do the Research

Always do proper research on brands. Look what people are preferring, and you’ll get a fair idea of which brand to settle for. You can research online or look for recommendations from your friends or family for the best inverter battery. Once you shortlist a few names, visit their website and check for specifications and warranty. Also, look into the reviews of these brands. This will give you a clear idea of what people are talking about the brand. 


This is another factor to consider. When you select a brand to buy, check how many years of warranty it provides. You don’t want to spend time buying the same product repeatedly. So, choose a tubular inverter battery with no less than two years of warranty. Also, check how many years the batteries last on average. You will find this information from people who reviewed the battery. 

User Reviews and Recommendations

A good way to determine the performance of an inverter battery is to check its reviews and recommendations provided by the users. When checking reviews, look particularly for the critical ones that speak of the probable issues with the battery. This will help you have an insight into what you are planning to buy. 


Budget is the final consideration when deciding on a battery brand. Choose a brand and type that aligns with your budget. Look for batteries that do not exceed your budget while meeting your power requirements at the same time. You should not settle for a cheap battery that compromises with the quality. But at the same time, you do not have to make an extravagant buy. Compare prices and look for discounts and offers available. Do not forget to factor in the installation and maintenance costs when considering your budget. 

Things to Do After Buying an Inverter Battery

As mentioned, buying a tubular inverter battery is just the beginning. You have to take good care of it and do the right things to make it a reliable and sustainable choice. Here are a few things to do after buying a battery.

Initial Charging

The first thing you should do after buying an inverter battery is charge it for at least 8 hours to help it run smoothly in the long run.

Here is why you should charge the battery for 8 hours initially. 

Maximizing battery capacity: The initial 8-hour charge to your inverter battery makes sure it reaches its full capacity, which sets the stage for optimal performance for subsequent uses. 

Compensating for energy loss: Some energy might be lost while transporting or extended storage. So, this initial long charge helps replenish any lost charge and makes sure the battery starts on a strong note. 

Setting the stage for future charges: The first charge for 8 hours sets a precedent for all future charging cycles. By ensuring the battery reaches its full capacity in its first charge, you are helping your battery reach its full potential in all its future charging cycles. 

Test the Battery Capacity

After the initial 8-hour charge to your battery, it’s time to test the battery capacity to ensure it matches its label.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Check your inverter’s voltage and battery capacity.
  • Calculate the expected backup time using the standard formula.

Now, run the inverter with the battery and check how long it lasts with the load. If the backup time is significantly less than what was calculated, you should take your battery back to the point of sale and ask for a refund. 

Charge Your Battery Regularly

Charging regularly increases the battery lifespan. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on charging frequency and duration for optimal battery performance. Even if you do not need your inverter, you should care to charge your battery once every three months to maintain proper charging cycles.

Routine Maintenance

Check your battery regularly to increase its life. Clean the terminals regularly and check for physical damage. Also, make sure the tubular inverter battery is operating at the right temperature. 

Handle the Battery Carefully

Safety is always the priority when handling inverter batteries. Make sure to follow all the safety guidelines proposed by the manufacturer to prevent any accidents or damages. 

Maximizing Battery Performance

To make sure your inverter battery performs the way it should for years, follow some practices to maximize its efficiency. Do not overload the inverter, keep the battery at optimal temperature, and use energy-efficient appliances. 


A tubular inverter battery is the heart of an inverter. Choosing the right one will be beneficial not only for your applications but will also extend the life of your inverter. However, buying a battery is only the first step. Following that, you must proceed with some steps to make sure your battery lasts long and continues to perform optimally. Following the tips mentioned above, you should be able to pick the right inverter battery and maintain it correctly to ensure long life and high performance.