8 Useful Tips on How to Maintain Your Battery

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The battery is the powerhouse of an inverter. It contributes to the excellent performance and long life of your inverter. So, regular maintenance and care are very crucial to enhance the lifespan of the battery. Similarly to other home appliances, your inverter and battery need regular maintenance for high operation and long life. After proper maintenance and care, each battery’s average life turns out to be more than five years. In today’s hectic work environment, everyone is busy in their work life, working 24 hours, often neglecting many essential things. Customers often complain that the inverter batteries do not work as much as they need to. Most of the time, sellers do not inform the customers about the maintenance requirements of the products. So, even after buying the costliest inverter batteries, they end up experiencing substantial monetary losses as the batteries die early. You can follow some essential tips to enhance the lifespan of your inverter batteries and lower your expense on the product. Here we discuss 8 Useful Tips on How to Maintain Your Battery.

The Most Important Tips to Maintain Your Battery 

1. Install Your Inverter in a Well Ventilated Area

Always use a well-ventilated area to install your inverter. The Star Plus 220ah Tubular Battery produces extreme heat and a specious, airy place can lessen the heat. It also decreases the need to frequently water top the inverter. Blocked vents cause hydrogen gas accumulation, leading to sudden outbursts. Professionals always suggest to keep your inverter in a well-ventilated area. 

2. Do Not Cover Your Battery from All Sides 

When the battery is in charging mode, the boiling water inside heats up and emits the heat outside. The machine needs enough space to release the heat and cool down. You must keep at least the back open so that it can remove the excess heat and work smoothly. Never cover your battery from all sides and allow the heat to concentrate inside and damage the machine gradually.

3. Use a Battery Trolly for Storage 

When the battery is in the charging position, the mixture of water and acid might come out, damaging the surroundings. Therefore, professionals advise using a trolly for easy storage and battery transportation. Always put on insulated clothes while connecting inverter batteries to avoid any mishap, such as shocks or short-circuit. During connection, there are chances of sparks, so you need to wear gloves to avoid that. 

4. Clean the Battery Endings to Remove the Carbon

While the battery is in working mode, it results in a layer of carbon in the battery terminals and creates obstacles in proper functioning. Therefore, you must clean the terminal with hot water at regular intervals to remove all the carbon. Clean the battery terminals to make them corrosion and rust-free. Rusting and corrosion impact the battery performance badly. Rusting in terminals decreases the current flow of the battery. The restricted flow of current results in slow battery charging that reduces battery life. Use a cotton cloth to clean the surfaces. 

5. Use Distilled Water 4 Times a Year

One of the biggest mistakes customers can make is not regularly filling the battery with distilled water. Ensure that the water level remains between maximum and minimum water limit. You can easily get distilled water from any petrol pump or any nearest battery dealer. As a user, you must top up the battery with sufficient water to run smoothly without any obstacles. Never use tap water or rainwater replete with minerals and impurities which adversely affect the battery’s performance. You can speak to Star Plus Battery professionals to know more about the maintenance process. 

6. Apply Petroleum Jelly on the Battery end

After thoroughly cleaning the battery terminal, it is advisable to apply petroleum jelly to the battery end to enhance the battery life. Applying petroleum jelly or vaseline to the terminals, nuts, and bolts help avoid future corrosion. Petroleum jelly is available at any inverter battery dealer near you. 

7. Never Slant the Battery 

As the battery contains distilled water, you should not slant it in any way. If you tilt the battery, the water begins to leak from the cell lid, damaging the metal and stone surfaces. 

8. Put the Battery Power Off Once a Month 

Most customers complain about battery backup issues despite no power cut. It happens when you do not use the battery maintaining the guidelines, and the battery gets deep-discharged. It is essential to consume the power of the 220ah Tubular battery once a month. In the process, you can shut down the main MCB for half an hour to one hour and restart the machine afresh. 

Final Takeaways

The battery is the live wire of an inverter. The lifespan of a battery depends on its usage and maintenance. It will help if you take care of your batteries to enjoy your inverter service for a long time. Even if there is full power, ensure your batteries are in use and discharge the inverters at least once a month. Try to keep your battery free from fire and smoke. You may use energy saving devices on the power backup system. You should maintain your battery life by following these eight valuable tips. You can consult Star Plus professionals and use the tips to enhance the lifespan of your battery.