6 Ways 220ah Tubular Battery Provides Best Power Backup

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Nigeria has been experiencing frequent power cuts for years. Excessive power outages have actively disrupted household, commercial, and industrial operations. The right solution to your 24-hour uninterrupted power supply is right here.
Star Plus Battery offers a 220ah Tubular Battery for your inverters. Our prime aim is to provide you with the best power backup, even during peak hours of power cuts. Let’s know what a 220ah Tubular Battery is and how it can help you with your power needs.

Know About 220ah Tubular Battery

Ah stands for ampere-hours. An ampere-hour is the unit of electricity delivered by a battery in one hour. Therefore, 220ah batteries can provide you with electricity for 220 hours, when the device will charge 1 amp of current.
If you are searching for an inverter with a battery, Star Plus Battery is your one and only choice. Our 220ah Tubular Batteries can provide seamless power backup. Read about 6 ways 220ah Tubular Battery can provide best power backup.

6 Ways 220Ah Tubular Battery Can Provide Best Power Backup

Withstands Deep Discharges and Frequent Cycles
Frequent power cuts can cause high voltage fluctuations upon restarting electricity grids. This can seriously damage your electric wiring and inverter. The solution is right here.
Our 220ah Tubular Battery can withstand high voltage fluctuations during power outages. We install heavy-duty tubular plates in our batteries, which help to automatically store and adjust power supplies in frequent cycles.
Choosing our 220ah Tubular Battery can also help you keep your electric wiring in good check. With automatic power adjustments, you can prevent the risks of significant burns and short circuits.

Minimises Self-discharge

Inverter maintenance charges can be concerning. This can often be a major barrier to supporting your long-lasting power supply. Choose Star Plus Battery for an easy and swift power backup. Our advanced designs of 220ah Tubular Batteries can minimise self-discharge.
Spill-proof constructions will similarly help you to minimise maintenance costs. Our inverter batteries’ self-discharging capability can relieve you from frequent electrolyte checks. Additionally, you can reduce energy costs with an automatic power shutdown facility during lean hours.

Versatile Usage

Versatility is one of the core aspects of inverter batteries. Power Cuts will not spare your business or household appliances, but an inverter battery can be your saviour.
Our 220ah batteries are designed for diverse uses. Suppose your TV is 100W; then you can power it up for approximately 13 hours. Your commercial refrigerator, which is 300W, can be powered for about 7 to 8 hours.
Similarly, devices like air coolers or laundry machines can be powered. Using a 220ah battery will improve your device’s running time on a single charge.

High-Energy Density

High-Energy Density is necessary for a consistent power supply. Sometimes, flat batteries fail to bear high energy loads during peak energy hours. 220ah Tubular Batteries can be the best choice for an inverter with a battery.
Our high-density 220ah Tubular Batteries can support a wide range of activities with high-power necessities. Similarly, their highly adaptable nature helps them to store and distribute energy according to wiring capacity.

Long Life-Span

Sometimes, the high maintenance and quick replacement costs of tubular batteries become a significant concern. What you think can be energy-efficient might increase your overhead costs. Here’s the right solution. Star Plus Battery ensures that 220ah Tubular Batteries have a longer lifespan than flat batteries.
We use high-quality lead alloys to resist corrosion more effectively. Moreover, we use sulphuric acid as the electrolyte solution for 220ah Tubular Batteries. These are formulated for high performance and durability. Hence, they can be actively used in warehouses or construction sites during harsh weather conditions.

Get a Sustainable Power Backup

Green Initiatives for renewable energy supplies have been emerging across Nigeria. Even if you don’t own renewable energy generators, a 220ah Tubular Battery can reduce energy wastage.
Our self-dischargeable batteries can automatically reduce energy supplies during lean periods. They store energy for peak hours and similarly reduce carbon emissions. Now, you can minimise energy wastage and maximise your greener needs.

What To Consider Before Purchasing A 220ah Tubular Battery?

Finding the ideal inverter battery can be challenging at times. Here are some considerations to be noted while searching for an inverter with a battery:

  • Knowing your space in household and commercial areas is essential for a better and hassle-free installation.
  • Understanding individual power requirements for versatile uses.
  • Environmental limitations are flood-prone, heat-prone or even cyclone-prone regions.
  • Any battery specifications used in your existing inverter.
    Star Plus Inverter Battery is here to help you plan your power backup with a 220ah Tubular Battery. Our high-storage batteries can simultaneously power up your office and home.

Wrapping Up

Power backups are necessary to run your home and office operations smoothly amidst frequent power outages in Nigeria. Choosing a 220ah Tubular Battery has a longer life span and high energy density. Our self-discharging systems can also reduce your maintenance costs. Similarly, we can help you reduce excessive energy emissions and function with a sustainable alternative. Choosing Star Plus Battery can help you remain tension-free with an extended power backup.