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Ever Wondered About The Optimal UPS Batteries Capacity Needed?

Our easy to use “Power Consumption Calculator” will help you to know the exact total load requirements for your property to help you buy the best battery for inverter. The UPS battery  price depends on the power required to run home appliances during a power outage. Invest wisely with this simple three-step process:

  1. Define your load requirement

Start by analyzing the load requirement before you buy the best battery for inverter. Calculate it by adding all the power ratings of all appliances, watts used, and the quantity to comprehend the need for the right UPS and inverter battery for home use or  office.

  1. Define your backup requirement

The total load or peak load would be displayed from above step, fill in average running load and the backup requirement in hours to define which inverter battery for your home suits your needs. Once you have defined your backup requirements, you can go ahead and check a inverter connection with battery that fulfills your backup needs adequately.

  1. Calculate

Last, calculate the capacity of the UPS inverter battery for your home or office space. The Load calculator displays the ideal Inverter battery combo for your home or commercial establishments. Luminous has a comprehensive range of inverter and batteries to fulfill your power backup requirement. Check the inverter and battery price list before choosing a large or  small inverter battery according to your specific needs.

Appliances Wattage Quantity
Fans and coolers
Ceiling Fan 75
Table Fan 50
Room Cooler 250
Appliances Wattage Quantity
Laptops and Computers
Laptop 75
Desktop computer 50
Laser Printer (Small) 250
Appliances Wattage Quantity
Tubelight 40
Tubelight 20
CFL Heavy 30
CFL Light 15
LED Bulb 9
LED Bulb 5
Light Bulb (Incandescent) 40
Light Bulb (Incandescent) 60
Light Bulb (Incandescent) 100
Appliances Wattage Quantity
TV & other entertainment
Television LED (upto 40") 60
Television CRT (upto 21") 100
Television Plasma 250
Set Top Box (DTH) 50
Music System 300
Gaming Console 200
Appliances Wattage Quantity
Photo Copier 2000
Office Printer/Scanner 2000
Petrol Filling Machine 1500
Projector 600
Surveillance System 100
Appliances Wattage Quantity
Home Appliances
Juicer Mixer Grinder 800
Toaster 800
Refrigerator (upto 200L) 300
Refrigerator (upto 500L) 500
Microwave Oven 1400
Vacuum Cleaner 1400
Washing Machine 1000
Geyser / Water Heater 2200
Room Heater 2200
Appliances Wattage Quantity
Air Conditioner (1 Ton, 3 star) 1200
Air Conditioner (1.5 Ton, 3 star) 1700
Air Conditioner (2 Ton, 3 star) 2300
Air Conditioner (1 Ton, Inverter) 1100
Air Conditioner (1.5 Ton, Inverter) 1600
Air Conditioner (2 Ton, Inverter) 2100
Appliances Wattage Quantity
Water Pump (0.5 HP) 373
Water Pump (1 HP) 746

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