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About STAR PLUS Loyalty Rewards

What is STAR PLUS Loyalty Rewards?

STAR PLUS Loyalty Rewards is a loyalty program for Inverter installers & Engineers that get to recognize and reward purchasers of our Product. Upon successful enrollment, members will receive points on purchases of the above brands that can be redeemed for CASH OR GIFTS Members can access their membership 24/7 via our website, to review their LEVEL point progress, create a wish list and redeem points.

What is STAR PLUS Loyalty Rewards?

You will receive points for all purchases of qualifying brand. The more you buy, the more you earn!

Eligibility and Enrollment

Solar panel installer, Inverter Installers, Engineers, Electricians, etc, within the selected states (Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Onitsha, Owerri, Ogun, Ibadan) and have a valid business name are eligible for STAR PLUS Loyalty Rewards.
Star Plus Loyalty Rewards is a completely FREE program. You will start earning points as soon as you make a purchase of STAR PLUS BATTERY at your distributor or dealers of a brand.
Download the Star Plus Loyalty Program App to enroll. Your distributor or dealer can also help. The following information is required to successfully enroll in Star Plus Loyalty Rewards: Business name, your name, your email address, Business address, Business phone number, photo, account details etc. Please make sure you have all this information ready before beginning the enrollment process.
From your user account you will be able to access the options
The dealer/distributor will show you the details to include, also you will upload the copy(ies) of your receipt
Yes, and all receipts and details must be added accordingly to enable the update on your display.
We offer 5 levels within the program: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond & Platinum, Upon enrollment, you will start in the bronze level. Once you’re consistent on your purchases you will earn more points. We will automatically upgrade you to the next level. You will earn points by purchasing our product brand from participating distributors & dealers.
You will begin earning points once your membership is completed with all required information: email address, Business address, etc with all required information entered you will be enrolled that same day and start earning points immediately. You will also receive points for the purchases you made after enrollment.
You will begin earning points for 1 battery purchase made once you successfully enroll in the program.
You will automatically move to the next level once the purchase requirement is met. See tier information here to understand the purchase thresholds.
Based on purchases Points will be posted to your account in one to two days when you purchase from any participating dealers. Points earned from purchases from distributors will be posted approximately 10 days after the purchase date.
Yes, however, be sure to add all dealers’ receipts details correctly to your member profile so we can capture all purchases and issue points accordingly.
Yes, you can view all points accumulated from your user dashboard.
Only the points which are below the base point will expire after the end of the loyalty program
Please contact us via email at support@starplus.com.ng or via WhatsApp at 2349168337502. We recommend checking that each of your receipts’ numbers are entered correctly prior to contacting us.
Points will not be deleted. However, products may be replaced. Points will be maintained on a member’s account for all returned replaced items after confirmation it will be reflected in your account within 7 working days.

Rewards Catalog and Redemption Process

We have many reward options in the catalog to choose from. Please visit our site at https://starplus.com.ng/about-loyalty-program to view the most recent offerings in our rewards catalog.
Visit our site https://starplus.com.ng/about-loyalty-program and click on the product that you are interested in, fill out the requested information and just add to your cart.
Due to the nature of our product we ONLY offer REPLACEMENT at this time. Please contact us via email at starplusmarketing1@gmail.com or by calling Member Services at 234 9168337502


Please visit the dealers or distributor near you. Call us for details of dealers near you.

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