Star Plus Battery Promoter/Directors honors their Distributors Channel Partners for their 2022 Business Performances and shares Future Growth Plan

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In an annual business meet Star Plus Marketing Team has announced and initiates a Reward Recognition Programme which revolved around the exemplary performances for her Distributor Channel Partners in year 2022.

CEO Mr. Amit Kumar in his message explained that; The session is an opportunity to acknowledge their allegiance, persistence, flexibility, during this wonderful season. Significantly, it provides us the opportunity to share information about the market and how we can navigate its challenges, as we disclose the plans for the actualization of our united objectives.

Mr. Vikash Kumar, the Chief Financial Officer, in his contribution quoted that “Our distributors have been influential to our success as a manufacturing company in Nigeria and in the end, we are confident that our team and partners will work ever more to deliver a successful financial year.”

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Sharma,Head of Sales and Marketing, shared Company’s vision and goal, along with parting complimentary skills to their channel partners for mutual growth in future. He beckoned on distributors to represent Star Plus Battery in their corresponding market, which will guarantee business permanence and continuousness. Also, he acknowledged that the team is pleased to have attained the year 2022 goals with them so far; and was  hopeful of the same continuous teamwork in the days ahead. The idea of advancing together and increasing revenue opportunities were also shared with the channel partners. He emphasized that, “2023 will absolutely be a significant year for all and many more participants across Nigeria will be next year participants”

Furthermore, he described the rapport between Star Plus Battery and Distributors as approachable and equally beneficial by saying that our brand distributors are the best and the most reliable. We meet with them, discuss, and as well hear from them about our business and visions for growth. In all our discussion, we deliberate on the route for transcending their businesses into gross revenue operational models.

We have established trust in Star Plus Battery as a brand; to ensure our distributors can achieve greater sales output; and lifelong business partnerships. He further elaborated on the uniqueness of the values as it relates to the brand as well as its importance to the company and its distributors, charging all to remain loyal to the brand.

Sales Manager, Mr. Pankaj Yadav said, “We are indebted to our distributors who have been the strong pillars of sustenance and completing our sales efforts. Our distributors have remained consistent and giving us more reason to keep at what we do – showing intense true African spirits in our world.

We look forward to a successful business dealing in the coming years with their continued collaboration.”


Brief about us

STAR PLUS” is a brand under Metal Manufacturing Nigeria Limited (MMNL),Certified ISO since 2008.  Nigeria’s best manufacturing company & supplier of batteries with a manufacturing facility installed capacity of 200,000 batteries per annum.

Our brand of Tall Tubular Inverter Battery is installed to supply energy on Roadways, Trails, Parks, Transit routes, Billboards, Signs, Perimeter security, Shelters, Campus areas and Stabilizers, Freezer, Fans, Home System, cinemas, theatre, Hotels, Libraries, Studios, office Support, and for Corporate and Government sectors; Financial, Manufacturing, Agriculture institutions and more

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